5 Ways to Work Smarter with Adobe Acrobat.

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Thirty years after Adobe invented PDF, the document format remains the global standard for sharing critical information on any device to drive business.  

We invite you to watch our webinar 5 Ways to Work Smarter with Adobe Acrobat. Our experts share foundational tips for working more smoothly with PDFs using today’s Adobe Acrobat Pro. This all-in-one PDF and e-signature solution has been continually improved to meet the needs of today’s digital-first, hybrid organizations.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:


  • Edit text or an image directly in a PDF to save time  
  • Compress a large PDF so it’s easier to share  
  • Prevent others from copying, editing, or printing sensitive information in a PDF  
  • Create a polished package by combining multiple files into a PDF 
  • Accelerate e-signature and approval processes


Watch today for fresh insights and easy-to-follow demos on working more confidently with the world’s number one business file format.  



  • Lori DeFurio, Principal Evangelist, Adobe 
  • Akiko Yamamoto, Director, Product Marketing, Adobe 
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