Analysing e-signatures: the value of signer identification

On-Demand webinar  |  Free of charge

As e-signatures become increasingly popular, discover how Adobe Sign enables you to balance the benefits of digital workflows with legal compliance and digital security challenges.

In this webinar, Analysing e-signatures: the value of signer identification, we’ll discuss key aspects of an e-signature framework that you can rely on. You’ll learn the importance of effective identity assurance, legal considerations for e-signatures across borders, and how to confidently navigate regulatory and security concerns. And discover how Adobe Sign is leading the way with cloud signatures and open standards.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Levels of legality and security of different e-signature types and their uses.
  • Why strong identity assurance is so important and how it impacts e-signature trust. 
  • Elements of e-signature trust and strategies – for effective risk management.
  • The many advantages of remote signing using Adobe Sign cloud signatures.

Our Panel of Experts:

Lorie Groth      Lead Product Marketing Manager, International Identity, Adobe

John Jolliffe      Lead Program Manager, International Identity, Adobe

Lorie Groth and John Jolliffe are core members of the Adobe Sign international identity team. Lorie focuses on organisations’ e-signature identity, risk management strategies and the importance of knowing your signer. And John, with a background in regulatory affairs and eIDAS Regulation, focuses on developing and growing partnerships with trust service and identity providers to ensure secure digital signatures are available globally.

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