Maintain business continuity while working remotely

On-demand webinar  | 56 min | Free of charge

On-Demand webinar  |  Free of charge

Now more than ever, it’s critical for companies to continue delivering their products and services. Join us for an interactive virtual talk and discover how Adobe is helping organisations to minimise business interruption, maintain business continuity, and build more resilience for the future. Find out how Adobe Sign streamlines signature and approval processes and helps speed the pace of businesses, while reducing the impact of unforeseen and unpredictable situations.

The session includes:
  • Panel discussion on the challenges organisations are facing today and ways to address them.
  •  Introduction to Adobe Sign, including the different types of signing workflows within widely deployed application systems, such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Q&A

Sam Robins - Head of Marketing, Digital Media, Northern EMEA
Mark Greenaway - Head of Digital Media, Northern EMEA
Tom Payne - Head of Customer Success, Digital Media, EMEA
Jonathan De Louker - WW Director for Business Transformation, Ogilvy
Stephen Walker, Solution Consultant - Adobe Sign

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