Discover students’ and educators’ perspectives on curriculum transformation.

Adobe and Wonkhe – home of higher education policy - teamed up to explore how universities can help students develop the skills they need to thrive in a digital-first world. Discover how some institutions are achieving this by transforming their pedagogy and assessment.  You can also learn what current students expect from their curriculum. We have presented our research and findings in three insightful and comprehensive reports.

  • Skills to thrive – academics’ perceptions of student skills development 
    Learn how universities are developing student competencies beyond subject knowledge.
  • A curriculum for a complex world - Students’ views of digital literacy in the curriculum 
    Hear from students sharing their views on digital literacy in the curriculum. Gain an understanding about their expectations - how what they learn will help them succeed beyond university.
  • Building back learning and teaching means changing assessment 
    Discover how some universities are tackling post-pandemic changes by re-imagining assessments to improve student outcomes.
Group of students using laptops