Enterprises save millions by integrating Adobe Document Cloud with Microsoft 365.

Forrester interviewed Adobe Document Cloud and Microsoft 365 customers and calculated the potential return on investment (ROI) over three years.

Summary of benefits

Using Microsoft 365 with Adobe Sign and Adobe Acrobat together has the potential combined benefits of 7.4 million pounds over three years.

2.8x to 4.2x

Return on Investment (ROI)

1.5 million pounds to 6 million pounds

Net present value (NPV)

Customers interviewed saved time and costs in key areas including digital enrolment, printing and delivery and governance.

Time is money

28x faster

cycle times

For documents requiring signatures, using Adobe Sign from within the Microsoft applications employees use every day replaces inefficient, error-prone manual document signing processes.

65 hours

Users saved 65 hours every year using Adobe Acrobat DC with Microsoft 365 apps by digitising paper-based tasks, reducing re-work through converting and editing PDFs and leveraging mobile capabilities to continue workstreams outside the office.

2 hours


Spending less time to enrol and onboard new employees and customers translates to an improved customer experience and lower drop-off rates.

570 hours

By reducing support costs and eliminating as many as 95 help desk tickets each month, IT saves time.

1.5 hours

Sales reps saved time with each transaction using Adobe Sign from within Microsoft Dynamics, leading to faster sales cycles.

Savings across the organisation.

1 million pounds

Saved in printing and hardware costs over 3 years


Saved per employee every year with Adobe Acrobat DC and an average of £5 per document and Adobe Sign