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Type Topics is your source of information for important issues in typography today: everything from ampersands to OpenType® technology.
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Introduction to OpenType fonts
OpenType Q & A
Optical Sizes in OpenType
Japanese OpenType Q & A
OpenType developer information
OpenType Pro specimen books
PDF icon  Adobe Garamond Pro (600KB)
PDF icon  Brioso Pro (400KB)
PDF icon  Calcite Pro (400KB)
PDF icon  Kozuka Gothic Pro (700KB)
PDF icon  Kozuka Mincho Pro (800KB)
PDF icon  Myriad Pro (1.4MB)
PDF icon  Ryo Gothic (285KB)
PDF icon  Ryo Kana (950KB)
PDF icon  Silentium Pro (750KB)
PDF icon  Tekton Pro (600KB)
PDF icon  Warnock Pro (1.3MB)
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Managing fonts under Mac OS X (PDF 4.1MB)
A glossary of typographic terms
Font formats
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What's in a letter
Measuring type
Variations on a theme
Use the right character
The ampersand
Optical Sizes
Tips for type