Colors that go well with blue.

Blue is the most popular of all colors. But depending on the shade you choose, it may or may not go well with other colors. Learn how to use shades of blue with different hues.

Remember that pre-teen question, “what’s your favorite color?” Unless you were of a disposition to retort, “favorite color of what,” you were likely to answer “blue” more than any other color. In shades from royal to baby, blue comes in number one in the color popularity contest, so let’s look at how it can be used with others.

How to use blue with other colors.

Every color makes a unique statement, and blue is often associated with masculinity and goodness. From country songs about eye color to entertainment groups on the Las Vegas strip, blue is generally positive and can even represent purity. Here are some ideas for combining blue with different colors:

Because blue isn’t flashy, unless in a neon shade, it suggests seriousness, convention, and professionalism. A popular favorite for business logos, blue engenders confidence and loyalty. Combining blue with more neutral colors helps make its statement even louder. Discover other graphic design ideas to improve your color use and more.

Imbue your design projects with blue’s beauty and inner peace. Make everything from logos and icons to illustrations and poster art with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.