Sets of 2 colors that go great together.

Double the impact of your design with 2 color combinations that complement each other for a perfect palette.

Colors all have their own meanings. That means they each reflect specific psychological experiences, too. Often, designers and artists strategically tap into color theory and color psychology to thoughtfully shape the way a viewer is going to feel about their design.

Combining more than one color can bring additional layers of meaning — and therefore additional significance — to the end design.

Perfectly paired 2 color combinations for your design needs.

Because color psychology teaches us that colors have meaning, the right — or wrong — combinations can impact the way people perceive designs.

If you’re looking for some good 2 color combinations to kickstart your creativity, the color wheel is a great place to start. Consider two-tone schemes that follow these basic color harmony rules:

Of course, it is important to explore many different color combinations — in all of their various shades and tones — to find exactly the right color palette for your design.

Color palettes are yours to explore.

While color theory and color psychology are both studies of how color impacts human behavior, that doesn’t mean they’re exact sciences. Our advice? Experiment with color on your terms with these helpful tools and tips.

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