The Battle of Automated vs. Standard. Transform your legal process with Adobe and ServiceNow

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The future of legal work starts now. Today, legal departments are managing moreprojects, handling more requests, and completing more administrative work, but heavily manual processes can’t keep up with the speed of today’sworkplace.

In this webinar, we’ll discover how Adobe and ServiceNow deliver the legal solution to meet your needs— streamlining your processes, mitigating risk, and increasing visibility, to support the future of legal work.


Nagib Tharani
Product Management Director

As part of the Employee Workflows cloud, Nagib is focused on driving legal transformation across IT, HR and G&A business domains. Nagib holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications from Carleton University, Canada. 

Scott Dreier
Senior Product Manager

Scott Dreier is a technologist and product manager with the Document Cloud Ecosystem team. Based in San Francisco (currently in his basement), he is responsible for Sign integrations with global partners.

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