What is Adobe's ticker symbol?

Adobe's ticker symbol is ADBE.


What exchange is Adobe's stock traded on?

Adobe common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market.


What was the date of Adobe's Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

August 20, 1986


How do I buy Adobe stock?

You can buy shares of Adobe stock through a brokerage firm. Adobe does not have a direct stock purchase plan.


Does Adobe have a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP)?

No, Adobe does not have this type of program.


Does Adobe typically pay a dividend?

Adobe does not pay a dividend.


How many shares of Adobe stock are outstanding?

Refer to the most recent form 10-Q or form 10-K in the financial documents archive for a recent count of Adobe's outstanding shares.


Will there be a stock split?

Stock splits occur at the discretion of Adobe's Board of Directors. The most recent stock split was announced on March 17, 2005. Refer to the 2:1 stock split Q&A for more information.


When is the next earnings release?

Refer to the financial calendar for a tentative schedule of significant Adobe financial dates, including the next earnings release.


What is Adobe's fiscal year?

Adobe's fiscal year is a 52/53 week year, ending on the Friday closest to November 30 each year.


What year was Adobe incorporated?

Adobe was originally incorporated in California on October 26, 1983. On May 30, 1997, Adobe reincorporated in Delaware by merging with and into Adobe Systems (Delaware), which was incorporated on May 9, 1997. Adobe Systems Incorporated (Delaware) was the surviving corporation and changed its name to Adobe Systems Incorporated concurrently with the merger.


How can I get Adobe financial documents?

Refer to the financial documents archive for online versions of financial documents such as form 10-Q, form 10-K, annual reports, and recent press releases. Call 408-536-4700 or email adobe@kpcorp.com to request printed versions. Include your name, company name (if applicable), and mailing address in the email.


Can I have access to the quarterly financial analyst conference calls?

Adobe makes the audio broadcast of its quarterly earnings calls and investor presentations available through webcasts on its Investor Relations website. Refer to the financial calendar for recent and upcoming events.


How do I contact Adobe Investor Relations?

Contact Investor Relations by email at ir@adobe.com.


How do I contact Adobe Board members?

For general communications with the Board of Directors or with a specific Board member, stockholders should send email to directors@adobe.com or send U.S. mail to:


Stockholder Communications
Adobe Inc.
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, California
95110-2704 USA


When is the annual stockholder meeting held?

The stockholder meeting is typically held in April as determined by the Board of Directors. Proxy materials and annual reports are mailed about one month before the meeting. Refer to the financial calendar for a schedule of important upcoming dates.


Where can I find information about Adobe's executive staff?

Refer to executive profiles for information about Adobe executives.