Deliver Motion Design on Time: Automating Repetitive Tasks - S6613

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  • Nol Honig

    Nol Honig

    Designer, Director, Animator & Educator, The Drawing Room


Working with client input can sometimes involve a lot of back and forth to get just the right look. When you harness the power of After Effects expressions (without the bother of writing code), you can easily roll with last-minute client changes while still staying on deadline. Join award-winning teacher Nol Honig as he shows you how to create dynamic systems for your client projects, allowing you greater control over your compositions while automating repetitive tasks.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the Expression Pickwhip for code-free expressions
  • Create a dynamic color palette for all your projects
  • Integrate Essential Properties into your workflow to save time

Technical Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Video

Audience Types: Post-Production Professional

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