After Effects: Level Up with Tantalizing Tips and Tricks - S6615

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  • Kyle Hamrick

    Kyle Hamrick

    Creative & Technical Director

  • Nol Honig

    Nol Honig

    Designer, Director, Animator & Educator, The Drawing Room

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Technical Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Whether it’s a new animation technique or a timesaving trick, there’s always something new to learn in After Effects. With a combined 42 years of After Effects experience, directors, designers, and educators Nol Honig and Kyle Hamrick will compete to wow you as they trade jaw-dropping pro tips you’ll wish you’d known years ago. Get ready to learn (and laugh) in this fun and information-packed session.

Among the many things being covered are:

  • Timesaving workflow tips to streamline common After Effects tasks
  • Powerful shortcuts to save you clicks
  • Explanations of denser features like Shape Layer, Track Mattes, and even expressions
  • Demonstrations of dazzling effects combinations
  • Also likely: a slew of groan-worthy After Effects puns

Technical Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Video, Audio, and Motion

Audience Types: Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, Post-Production Professional, Illustrator, Social Media Content Creator

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