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Project Scene Change - GS6-4

Closed captions in English can be accessed in the video player.

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  • Zhan Xu

    Zhan Xu

    Research scientist, Adobe


Composition is an essential part of cinematography; it allows filmmakers and video creators to develop a narrative and is vital to keeping viewers engaged with the story as it plays out onscreen.

Project Scene Change makes it easy to composite a subject and a scene from two separate videos — captured with different camera trajectories — into one scene with synchronized camera motion.

Artificial intelligence renders a 3D representation of the background scene from a prerecorded image as if it was captured by a free-moving camera, then composites the separately filmed subject, with proper shadows, into a new scene with compatible motion. This removes any limitations due to the camera motion of existing video assets, and allows video editors to place a subject into a new environment with realistic camera motion.

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Sneaks

Category: Inspiration

Track: 3D

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