California Consumer Privacy Rights


Last updated: July 1, 2022


We take pride in the relationship of trust we have built with our consumers, and we are committed to treating your personal information with care and respect. In addition to the rights set out in our Privacy Policy, California law also provides for some additional rights for California consumers, which are summarized below.   


Opt-out of sharing certain Personal Information

In order to understand how you use our apps and websites across the various devices you use, and to deliver ads tailored to your likely interests, Adobe may share information about which of your devices are used by the same person with third parties that participate in the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op. Adobe only shares information about how devices are linked and does not share information that directly identifies you. However, because participants in the Device Co-op may use the information about linked devices to understand usage of their services and to offer a tailored experience across your devices, such information sharing may be considered a “sale” under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.


Learn more or opt out by unlinking devices in the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op. 


Note that you will need to opt-out separately from each device and browser you use to access Adobe websites and apps.


Categories of Personal Information 

You have the right to obtain a list of the categories of personal information collected about you, and other related information such as the source of the information, categories of information shared or sold to third parties, and the purpose for such sharing. Adobe has provided this information in the Privacy Policy.


Additional information on exercising your rights

You have the right to exercise the rights listed above and in our Privacy Policy free of charge or penalty, but we may limit the number of requests you make or charge reasonable fees as legally permitted.


You may designate an authorized agent to exercise some of your rights; however, in order to help protect the security of your personal information, the authorized agent must follow the same authentication procedures that are required if you exercise your rights without using an agent.  Adobe will verify requests made through authorized agents to help ensure the safety of your account and to comply with our policies and procedures.  


If you request deactivation of your Adobe ID account, it will not result in deletion of information that is not associated with your Adobe ID. However, as described above, you can opt out of the sharing of certain information about your usage of Adobe apps and websites that may be considered a “sale” under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.


Consumer request metrics for calendar year 2021

Adobe believes transparency is critical to maintaining a trusted relationship with our consumers. To that end, Adobe is further enhancing our transparency with respect to the choices our consumers make regarding personal information. In this privacy transparency disclosure, we are providing metrics on certain requests we received from consumers across the United States during the 2021 calendar year, in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Requests to know: Adobe received 37 consumer requests to know personal information collected about them, complied with 37 of those requests in whole or in part, and denied 0 of those requests.


Requests to delete: Adobe received 134,034 consumer requests to delete, complied with 134,034 of those requests in whole or in part, and denied 0 of those requests.


Requests to opt out: Adobe received 10,055 requests to opt out of personal information “sales,” complied with 10,055 of those requests in whole or in part, and denied 0 of those requests.


The mean number of days within which Adobe substantively responded to these requests in 2021 was 28 days.


Adobe Experience Cloud offers a separate service called the Device Co-op, which enables participating brands to deliver a more consistent and personalized experience across devices and apps. Adobe provides a mechanism that enables consumers to disconnect a device from this service. You can learn more about the Device Co-op here.