Adobe enterprise solutions and CCPA 

Make privacy a positive part of your customer experience program


We’re here to guide you through the CCPA landscape.

Adobe enterprise solutions are CCPA-ready so that you can spend more time focusing on your consumers, creating experiences just for them.  We believe privacy is a key part of the digital experience, and with Adobe, you have a partner that builds products and services with Privacy by Design.

We’ve developed features and tools to help you quickly manage your data, identify and label data types that are actionable under a CCPA access or delete request, and execute requests through multiple paths.  We also have opt out capabilities to support use cases that you determine limit “sales” of personal information.  

You can be confident that we will keep up with emerging security and privacy requirements because we’re involved with shaping best practices, codes, guidelines, and standards in California and beyond.  We participate and collaborate in key industry forums for the ad tech ecosystem, such as DAA, IAB and NAI.   We also partner with leading privacy tool providers to offer integrations that can assist with companies’ requirements under CCPA. 

Products built with privacy in mind that help you put individuals at the center of the experience.

Adobe enterprise products can help you create content and documents, build campaigns, manage media buying, and gain deep business intelligence in a privacy-conscious manner. 

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Privacy by Design

We’re continuing our long-standing practice of proactively incorporating privacy features into our product development that meet and exceed current regulations. Privacy by Design is how we build our solutions. It’s part of our mission to help you responsibly unlock the power of data.

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Certified Security Controls

Foundational to what we do is protecting data entrusted to us through the Adobe Common Controls Framework with multiple processes and controls that also comply with security certifications, standards, and regulations, including SOC-2 and ISO 27001.

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Contract terms

Our contracts clearly set out our role as a Service Provider in providing our enterprise solutions for the benefit of our business customers.  Our terms already meet CCPA’s requirements for Service Providers and are  sufficient to permit you to continue to use your data in connection with our services. As such, no additional contractual changes are required for you to be able to rely on Adobe as a Service Provider under CCPA.

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Product and process innovation

Looking ahead, we are continuously listening to our customers and looking for ways to simplify and automate our product and service offerings to better support their CCPA and broader needs.

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Supporting California Consumer Privacy Rights

CCPA gives consumers new rights and additional controls over personal information that businesses may collect and use about the consumer.  Among these, California consumers have new access and delete rights as well as new rights to opt out of the sharing or “selling” of personal information with third parties for their own use. 

Adobe’s Privacy Service 

Adobe’s Privacy Service provides you with tools and technology to help you manage individual rights requests that you may need to fulfill, including access and delete capabilities for your verified consumers.  

“Do Not Sell” Support

CCPA has a broad definition of sale that may cover certain transfers of personal information that are possible using Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.   Where customers determine that their use cases may be considered a “sale,” we offer opt-out technologies to limit such transfers. (See applicable product documentation for more details.)  In addition, we collaborate with the broader industry to help address emerging ad tech technology, governance and best practices developed by DAA, NAI and IAB.