The term metadata literally means “data about data.” Metadata plays a crucial role for handling digital documents, images, and videos in an increasing number of digital asset management workflows. Detailed information about the features and capabilities of XMP, and their use in customer workflows, can be gathered from the following documents.

White paper on Extensible Metadata Platform
This paper provides a manager’s introduction to Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform.

Partners guide to XMP for dynamic media
Find guidance for developers who write applications that read, write, and modify dynamic media documents.

Introduction to asset relationships
Understand why preserving asset relationships is important and how such relationships can be managed using XMP.

The latest technology tells an ancient story
A NASA and National Park Service educational project uses Adobe’s XMP technology to streamline file management and tag hundreds of photographs with global positioning location data.

Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform in newspapers and news magazines
An enterprise commitment to XMP is be critical for leadership in the next era in news and ad delivery to the consumer.

Adobe XMP for creative professionals
Find out how XMP helps creatives enjoy better file management and streamlined workflows.

Controlling the data chaos by adding intelligence to media
The explosion of data that is swamping large and small organizations is a growing problem. Adobe XMP allows developers and organizations to take control of their data before it overwhelms them.

Digital Negative (DNG)
Powered by XMP, DNG is a publicly available archival format for the raw files generated by digital cameras.



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