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Create what's true to you with Creative Cloud.

Unlock tools for limitless creation on or off campus – from assignments to side hustles to passion projects.


Students save over 60% on Adobe Creative Cloud

Get all you need to express your ideas — wherever you are in your creative journey, with the 20+ apps for photography, video, design and web. 

Adobe Photoshop

From feed-worthy posts to flawless graphics with Photoshop

Design posters for uni, digital art for socials or even resumes for your future internships—the creative possibilities are endless.

Free Photoshop templates

Add your own flair and create custom designs with these starter templates.

Selfies that “wow” in Photoshop or Illustrator

Make them notice you with expertly edited selfies, perfect for resumes, professional profiles and even social media.

Playful photo collage designs by @cheersjack

Brighten up your playlist album covers, social feeds, or desktop wallpaper with custom collage templates.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Make uni life easier with Acrobat

Scan, edit, organise and collaborate on notes, assignments, presentations and more.

Acrobat Pro starter pack

Learn how to edit and collaborate on digital documents.

Resume templates that set you apart

Show off your personality with a made-for-you resume designed with Photoshop. Then use Adobe Acrobat to edit and export before applying for that dream internship or first job.

Tips for paperless study notes

Keep study notes eco-friendly and organised using Adobe Scan and Acrobat. Scan, edit, highlight and merge handwritten or digital docs easily. Then share it and collab with your peers or lecturers.

Adobe Illustrator

Draw on your inspiration with Illustrator

Grab their attention with high-quality vectors, infographics or icons perfect for your side hustles, socials or even presentations.

Free Illustrator templates

Let your creativity shine with these simple templates.

Unique emoji sticker set

Print out funky emojis or send them to your pals when you create unique icons with this Illustrator template.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Content that’s always a cut above

Create pro content for fun video assignments or viral social posts with Premiere Pro.

Get creative with Premiere Pro

Express yourself through videos.

Video overlays starter pack by @elliotisacoolguy

Add some character to your YouTube vids or gaming streams with quirky title screens, transitions and effects by streamer and graphic designer Elliot Ulm.