73% of enterprises rate Compliance Training as one of the top types of Training Content created by them*

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My Team View

With Adobe Captivate Prime, all people managers get access to a consolidated summary of their direct and indirect teams’ training progress and performance. Get insights into your organization’s skills summary and its adherence to compliance training. Easily identify team members who are likely to miss deadlines and take proactive action to intervene.

Learning summary

Get a visual view of your teams’ learning with charts that represent vital statistics on enrollment, progressions, and completions. Managers can further analyze the data by Team View and Training View to better understand learning patterns, take business decisions, and provide feedback on training efforts.


Compliance dashboard

Ensure your teams’ adherence to organizational compliance with a consolidated view of their performance against upcoming deadlines. Intervene proactively and maintain a team that is 100% compliant and always audit-ready.

Comprehensive tracking

Automatically track all online learning activity such as assessments, course progress, skill-level attainment and learning status, to ensure accurate, hassle-free reporting.


Learner transcripts

Generate learner transcripts to track the learning history of individuals or teams. Managers and administrators can create reports on learning progress, course enrolment, completion details and skills achieved. 

Scheduled notifications

Allow managers to receive notifications for their team’s learning activities, including self-enrolment into courses, course and certification completion and escalation notifications for missed deadlines.

Role-based reporting

Ensure that managers are always informed of their team’s progress. Set up report suites for respective teams that managers can access.

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What makes an Enterprise LMS suited for Compliance Training?

Read the whitepaper to learn about the crucial characteristics of a Compliance LMS.

George Pataky

“With greater visibility into how many courses employees have completed, many managers tie progress into certifications and employee goals during yearly assessments”
 – George Pataky, L&D Manager, PrismHR
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*Adobe Internal Research Data