Adobe Transparency Center

Authenticity: Fraud

Policy goal

The goal of this policy is to not allow content intended to manipulate users, in a targeted way, into: (a) revealing personal or financial information, or (b) depriving them of money or property.

What is in violation 

Content intended to defraud or phish is not allowed on any of Adobe’s products or services. We may deactivate accounts that use our hosted services or apps for fraud as it pertains to user-generated content (UGC) or phishing.

Policy definitions

Fraud (as it pertains to UGC)

Content developed to mislead a user into making a purchase [on an Adobe product or service];  the deception and exchange must both take place on our products/services


The fraudulent practice of sending messages via email, SMS, social media, or instant messaging to trick a person into providing sensitive data, downloading malicious attachments, or visiting malicious websites