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Imagine you have a JPEG image and you need to modify, send and share it. If you convert the JPG to Word first, you might find this simpler. Read on to discover how you can easily change your file type with Adobe’s online converter.

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Quick List: How to Use a JPG to Word Converter


You can convert from JPG to Word using the following steps:

  1. Change your JPG to PDF using our free online converter tool. 
  2. Download and save your file.
  3. Repeat the process with our PDF to Word page. You may need to register an Adobe account for this final step.


In detail: Converting JPG to Word Step-by-Step.


There isn’t a direct JPG to Word converter tool in Acrobat online, but it’s quick and simple with the below two-stage method to convert a JPG to Word for free: 


1. Open our free JPG to PDF converter tool. Choose Select a file to add your file or move a JPEG file into the dotted area.

Image of Adobe JPG-to-PDF online converter tool

2. The tool will then change your JPG to PDF format. You can download and save your new file once completed.

Image of Adobe’s JPG-to-PDF online tool converting a file

3. Now, visit our PDF to Word page and repeat the process with your PDF file to convert it to Word. Be aware, you may need to create an Adobe account to download this file, but this is completely free.

Image of Adobe PDF-to-Word online converter tool

Alternatively, you can register an Adobe Acrobat Pro Online account to make the process even simpler. Log on to open your JPG file directly in the online Acrobat app. From there, you can select the tools icon at the top-left and click Export a PDF > to Microsoft Word to change your file to a DOCX.

Image of Acrobat online with file open and Export to > Microsoft Word option selected.

That’s not all, as we have a whole collection of Acrobat online tools that you can use. Try them out for yourself.

Benefits of Converting JPG to Word. 


There are multiple benefits to converting a file from JPG to Word, including:

  • Editing - You can’t edit JPEG images but converting them to Word allows you to make modifications.
  • Access - Those who have sight issues can use the read aloud function in Word to hear the alt text of an image.
  • Better formatting - Word allows for more effective control with the layout of an image.
  • Storage and file size - It’s easier to hold information in a Word document. Word also has smaller file sizes, so it doesn’t take up as much space on your device or drive




Can you convert JPG to PowerPoint?


Yes, you can convert a JPG image file to PowerPoint quickly and easily with our free online tools. Simply use our JPG to PDF converter to change your image to a PDF. You can then repeat the process with our PDF to PowerPoint tool - but you will need to sign up for an Adobe account if you don’t already have one.


Can I convert a JPG to an editable Word document on my phone?


Yes, if you have the JPG document and the Word application installed on your phone, you can use the Adobe online tool on the phone’s web browser. Simply upload the document from your phone into our tool and watch your JPG transform into a fully editable Word document.


How do I edit a JPEG in Word?


If you want to make changes to a JPEG image in a Word document, you can do so by clicking the image and selecting Picture Format in the toolbar. From here, you’ll have multiple options, including to adjust the brightness, sharpness and contrast, as well as changing the colour. In addition, you can add a border, compress the image and add effects, such as Shadow, Glow, Reflection, Bevel, Soft Edges and 3-D Rotation.



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