Participate in Adobe User Research

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe User Research?
Adobe User Research conducts studies to gather insight, feedback and stories from our users and our potential users. Not only are we interested in learning about how you use our current products, we are interested in hearing from you as your thoughts also help us plan for future products and products in development.
How do I sign up?
To sign up, just follow this link to our SurveyMonkey survey. The survey will ask some general background questions and also ask you a little bit about your Adobe software use.
What happens once I sign up?
Once you sign up, you will be placed into our Adobe User Research Participant Database.
What is the Adobe User Research Participant Database?
The User Research Participant Database simply collects information about potential participants including location, job titles, software use, etc. All information is kept confidential and will stay within the User Research team. Your information will never be shared for marketing purposes. In short, you will never receive an email from us unless it is about an upcoming study.
How will I be selected?
We cannot guarantee that you will be selected for one of our studies. However, with the information you've supplied in the study, we will have a better understanding of what you might be interested and whether you match the study's criteria.
Okay, I’m interested in signing up…but do I get paid if I am selected?
Participants who are selected to participate in our studies are compensated for their time. The type of compensation is determined by the type of study we are running. Typically, we will compensate our study participants with American Express Gift Checks.
However, if we are conducting a site visit, where we are coming into your workplace and shadowing you, we understand it may be difficult to accept a monetary compensation. In this case, we'll gladly thank you with some Adobe swag or software.
What should I expect going into these studies?
Most studies are simply one-on-one conversations with an Adobe User Researcher. The type of study ranges from usability studies, where the Researcher will ask you to play around with a current product or prototype, to office place visits where we simply want to speak to you about your current workflows and processes.
What's the time commitment?
A typical user study runs from one to two hours. These studies generally take place during business hours in our San Francisco, San Jose office or in your place of work.
I'm not near San Francisco or San Jose, can I still participate?
Yes! While many of our studies are run in San Francisco or San Jose, we conduct many remote studies where we simply speak to you over the phone or use screen sharing.
We also travel frequently across the United States and Canada.
I don't use any Adobe software, can I still participate?
Yes! We want feedback from both our current users and people who aren't already familiar with our products.
How old do I have to be?
You must be at least 18 years old to sign up.
So I just signed up… when will you contact me?
First off, thanks for signing up! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you'll be invited in for an Adobe user study immediately. We are constantly running studies throughout the year, so please keep an eye out for an email from us about upcoming studies.
Seriously… will I be getting spammed?
All information is kept confidential and will be used only by the User Research at Adobe.
I've signed up before but I recently just changed my email address. Can I update my information?
Yep! Simply follow this link back into our SurveyMonkey survey and you can update your information.
Besides the database, are there any other ways I can stay up-to-date with Adobe's User Research?
Definitely! You can find us on the following networks: