Frequently asked questions

What is Adobe User Research?

Those who are interested in participating in research studies will be asked to complete an intake form that asks participants about their location, job title, and software. Our research team uses this information to select participants for individual studies that are best suited for your specific background.

How do I sign up?

Simply complete our brief User Research survey, which asks some general background questions as well as questions about your Adobe software use. We’re interested in talking to people of all experience levels, from novice to expert, so please be as candid as possible. Your responses will help our team determine which studies will best suit you.

What happens once I sign up?

You'll be included in our Adobe User Research Participant program.

What is the Adobe User Research Participant program?

The program captures information about potential participants, including locations, job titles, and software use. Our research team uses this information to select participants for individual studies

Will my information be kept confidential?

All information is kept confidential and stays within Adobe. Your personal information will never be shared for marketing purposes and will only be used for research efforts. For example, you'll never receive an email from the User Research team unless it's about an upcoming study. To learn more about Adobe's commitment to protecting your privacy, visit our corporate privacy page.

Will I be selected to participate?

We can't guarantee that you'll be selected for one of our studies. However, the information you supply in the User Research survey will give us a better understanding of the types of research projects that would best suit you. Typically, we'll contact you via phone or email to gauge your interest in a particular study.

If I'm selected to participate, will I be compensated?

Yes, you'll be compensated for your time. Compensation is determined based on the type of study and the time commitment. We usually compensate our research participants with Amazon gift cards. However, if we're conducting a site visit in which we shadow you at your workplace, we understand that it may not be possible for you to accept monetary compensation. In that case, we'll thank you with some Adobe branded merchandise.

What should I expect going into these studies?

Most studies are simply one-on-one conversations with an Adobe user researcher. Studies can range from usability studies, in which a researcher asks you to play around with a current product or prototype, to site visits, in which a research visits you in your home or office to learn more about your current workflows and processes.

What's the time commitment?

A typical user study runs from one to two hours.

When and where do studies take place?

They generally take place during business hours in our San Francisco or San Jose office, remotely via phone and web conferencing, or at your place of work.

I'm not near San Francisco or San Jose. Can I still participate?

Yes. We conduct many remote studies that involve speaking to you over the phone or using screen-sharing software. From time to time we also travel within the U.S. or around the world.

Is there an age requirement for participation?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old to sign up.

I just signed up. When will you contact me?

Thanks for signing up! We can't guarantee timelines, but we'll review your survey and keep you in mind for future studies. We're constantly running studies, so please keep an eye out for an email from our team.

After I sign up, will I get spammed?

All your information is kept confidential and will be used only by the User Research team to contact you about our program.

How can I get in touch with Adobe User Research?

Contact us with questions at any time.