Adobe x Museums

The Adobe Foundation is collaborating with world-renowned art institutions to further Adobe’s commitment to Creativity for All and give underrepresented creators the opportunity to create and share their stories with the world. These institutions use their resources and platforms to increase arts education and the visibility of diverse creators through Creative Residents and creative programming.

Current Residents.

Meet the 2024 Residents at the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Museum of Modern Art. Check out their work and learn what they’re working on during their time as Residents.

V&A Resident
Costume designer
London, UK

Luca Bosani is a multimedia artist specializing in wearable and performance art.​ They are known for their Unidentified Performing Objects (UPOs), wearable artworks that challenge categorization and aim to transform both the wearer and the viewer. ​ Luca’s work focuses on breaking down barriers and labels, reimagining and portraying identity, and providing alternatives to binary readings of the everyday. ​ During their residency, Luca will be exploring the V&A theater and performance collections, engaging with young people’s audiences through workshops and performances in the gallery.

V&A Resident
London, UK

Jacqui Ramrayka is a British-Guyanese ceramicist specializing in porcelain. ​ Her work explores memory, grief, and the Indo-Caribbean diasporic identity. ​ She uses clay as her medium of choice due to its ability to embody her line of inquiry and respond to touch. Jacqui delves into the history of indentured labor in the Caribbean and examines the double diasporic experience (of migration to the Caribbean and of migration to the UK). ​ She sees vessels as signifiers and metaphors for the body/self. ​ During her residency, she will work with the V&A Schools program to explore themes of diasporas, home, and belonging. ​ ​

V&A Resident
London, UK

Rachel Sale is an illustrator and the founder of F.A.T. Studio CIC, a not-for-profit creative studio that collaborates with people of all ages and backgrounds on local community-led art projects. ​ Rachel aims to keep the door to the arts open and bring people together through joyful making. ​ During her residency, she will be focusing on the process of mapmaking as a method of relationship building, with a particular emphasis on community participation with families. ​

MoMA Resident
Multimedia artist
Brooklyn, New York, US

Image © 2024 The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Photo: Jake Robbins.

DonChristian Jones is a New York–based artist, musician, and producer. Their work spans musical and time-based performance, albums, video, and public murals, blending genres of painting and performance installation. DonChristian’s diverse artistic practice is deeply influenced by their engagement with various communities and their commitment to socially engaged art. In the spring of 2020, DonChristian founded Public Assistants, a community arts workshop and mutual aid resistance hub located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.


Creative Residents

The Creative Residents program gives artists early in their career access to a museum’s resources, including staff expertise, mentorship, and a platform to display their work. During a 12-to-18-month period, Creative Residents hone their skills, expand their networks, and strengthen their practice.


Throughout their Residency, Creative Residents partner with their local community to produce socially engaged artwork. For greater detail on opportunities each museum offers Residents to support its creative programming, visit its site below.

Creative programming

Adobe x Museums aims to engage 10 million students globally online and in person with creative programming and resources that will enable them to bring their creativity to the world. To learn more about these museums’ creative programming for the public, visit their sites below.

The museums.

Adobe x Museums helps diversify the world’s most renowned arts institutions, currently increasing access to the arts for communities on four different continents. The program will continue to expand its global impact by adding collaborations in additional geographies. Our current museum collaborators include the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Museum of Image and Sound in São Paulo, and the Museum of Art & Photography in Bengaluru. To learn more about these museums’ Creative Residents and/or creative programming, visit their sites.

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Questions? We have answers.

Please visit each museum’s site for eligibility and application details: MoMA, V&A.

Adobe provides mentorship, product support, and free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan to Creative Residents. Opportunities for thought leadership at Adobe-sponsored events are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Adobe and the Adobe Foundation hope to collaborate with the museums in the program for three to five years each, and they plan to collaborate with more museums around the world in the future. 

Aspects of project proposals intended for the former Adobe Creative Residency program may be relevant to the evolved program. Application details can be found on each museum’s site: MoMAV&A.

Send your questions to Due to the high volume of emails we receive each year, we reply only to questions not answered on our site. 

Masha Foya

Artist, recipient of Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund grant.


Masha is an illustrator based in Ukraine who uses her unique style to explore new ways of conveying emotion through art by breaking from literal representation. Masha studied fne arts at Kyiv Polytechnic University.