Marketing Hub overview


Q: What is the Marketing Hub?

A: The Marketing Hub is the executive-approved global repository for Adobe marketing digital assets, including all creative files, templates, and brand guidelines. Its functionality includes the capability to store, manage, search and retrieve, and report on digital asset use.

Q: What is the Marketing Hub content policy?

A: All marketing digital assets that have been created or purchased with the intention of reuse or repurposing and critical deliverables that may be referenced at a future date are required to be published to the Marketing Hub. Other marketing digital assets that may be useful to the broader marketing community are recommended to be published. Price lists and third-party logos are the few types of digital assets that should never be published. A Marketing Hub content policy quick reference sheet will be available soon with detailed specifications for reference.

Marketing Hub access


Q: Who has access to the Marketing Hub?

A: All Adobe employees, interns, contractors, and temporary employees are allowed access to the Marketing Hub to browse, search, preview, and download digital assets in approved formats. 

Q: Who outside of Adobe has Marketing Hub access?

A: The Marketing Hub is only available externally to Adobe-approved vendors (under NDA) that are working on an Adobe project for an internal team. Please note that the Marketing Hub is not available to vendors still going through the approval process or partners, resellers/distributors, user groups, customers, or press — they should be directed to the appropriate partner site or press room.

Q: How can I request access?

A: New Marketing Hub users or those needing to refresh their access permissions must do so by submitting an account request form. A new user account will be created once a system administrator has validated the requester is eligible for access.

Q: What are the specific access rights in the Marketing Hub?

A: There are three specific types of access:
Consumer: For the general user who needs to browse, search, preview and download digital assets.
Content Curator: For content strategists who need to create and share digital asset collections. Training required.
Author: For content creators who need to publish digital assets. Training required.

Marketing Hub Login


Q: What are the login requirements?

A: Supported browsers include Chrome (Evergreen), Edge (Evergreen), Firefox (Evergreen), Internet Explorer 11, and Safari 10.x, 11.x and 12.x on Mac OS. Installed plugins that block ads on web pages must be disabled or configured to allow ads from


Q: How do Adobe employees log in?

A: Adobe employees should log in as follows:         
        1. Go to the overview page. Click the "Marketing Hub login" link. 
        2. On the welcome page, click "Sign In".
        3. On the sign in page, enter your Adobe email address and click "Continue".
        4. On the "Select an Account" page, click "Company or School". (Do NOT click Personal Account)
        5. Log in using your standard corporate password and two-step authentication.

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Q: How do vendors log in?

A: Adobe-approved vendors should log in as follows:   
        1. Go to the overview page. Click the "Marketing Hub login" link.
        2. On the welcome page, click "Sign In".
        3. On the sign in page, enter your Adobe ID email address and click "Continue".
        4. On the "Enter Your Password" page, enter your Adobe ID password and click "Continue".

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Marketing Hub assets


Q: I'm looking for a digital asset, and I can’t find it. Why is this?

A: For guidance on how to browse, search or filter for a digital asset, read Searching for Assets. If you need further help in locating an asset, contact us.

Q: Some assets have thumbnail views, and others don’t. Why is this?

A: Not all assets in the Marketing Hub display a thumbnail view. Thumbnail generation is limited to only select asset file formats supported by Adobe Experience Manager. For more information, refer to File Formats that Render Thumbnails.

Q: How can I tell if there are usage restrictions on a digital asset?

A: Digital assets with license or other usage restrictions will require users to read and accept the terms and conditions before being able to download the digital asset. Please remember that it is the responsibility of Adobe employees and vendors to comply with all legal use restrictions and guidelines noted. 

Q: What happens when a digital asset expires in the Marketing Hub?

A: When a digital asset expires, the digital asset remains visible but it is no longer available for download. Additionally, a red flag appears on the digital asset record (Card View only) to indicate the digital asset has expired. The system administrators will periodically move expired assets into the archive to improve search results. The digital asset can be made accessible again by a system administrator, if required.

Digital asset publishing policy


Q: What is the Marketing Hub publishing policy?

A: To preserve asset data quality and integrity, posting digital assets to the Marketing Hub is restricted. Only Adobe employees and approved vendors who have completed the asset publisher training will be granted rights to post to the Marketing Hub.

Q: What are the criteria for asset publisher training?

A: To qualify for asset publisher training, employees and vendors must create and publish digital assets or have a business need to modify digital assets on a weekly or bimonthly basis. Requests to participate in the training will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you feel you meet these requirements, please contact us

Q: How can I get new digital assets published to the Marketing Hub if I have not completed Asset Publishing training?

A: Submit a Marketing Hub publishing request to the Marketing Hub team to have the digital assets published for you.

Q: How do I request that a new folder be created in the system?

A: Submit a Marketing Hub new folder request to the Marketing Hub team, and a system administrator will create the folder for you.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about publishing digital assets to the Marketing Hub?

A: Please email

Marketing Hub support

Q: Who do I contact for a Marketing Hub support issue?

A: Please email us with all support issues. Include a screenshot of your issue to expedite the support process.

Q: Is there a list of known issues?

A: Yes. Plese see: Marketing Hub Known Issues.