The Marketing Hub is the executive-approved global repository for Adobe marketing digital assets, including all creative files, templates, and brand guidelines. Its functionality includes the capability to store, manage, search and retrieve, and report on digital asset use.


NEW: An upgrade to the Marketing Hub with a new implementation of Adobe Experience Manager Assets was recently launched. The new system requires new individual accounts for each user. If you find that you can’t log in with your Enterprise Adobe ID, request access via the link to the right, and the Marketing Hub team will get you set up as soon as possible.

Marketing Hub login ›
Access is available only to Adobe employees, interns, contractors and Adobe-approved vendors.
Adobe employees: Log in using your enterprise Adobe ID, not your personal ID. 

Need access? 
If you require access to the Marketing Hub or need to refresh your access permissions from the prior system, please click the link above. 

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Access to upload or modify assets is only available after completion of asset publisher training. Email us to request training. 



Asset availability


Preannounce: Some digital assets are posted preannounce. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not use them publicly before announce.

Usage rights: If a digital asset has limited usage rights, you will be required to read and accept all terms and conditions before downloading the digital asset.

Third-party usage: Many digital assets are meant for Adobe’s use only. Consequently, partners should access digital assets via the portal or other method identified in their program membership materials.

The basics


Getting started: A variety of printed references are available to guide users through learning the basics with the Getting Started Resources Portfolio.

FAQ/guidelines/support: See general questions, guidelines, and known issues and find out how to contact the Marketing Hub team for technical support. Learn more ›

Asset publishing: Submit an asset publishing request to have assets published for you. Asset authors that need a folder created may submit a Marketing Hub folder request to have any new folders created for you.

search & find

Search & find the Adobe corporate logo

Looking for the updated Adobe logo? Learn tips on how to quickly find it in the Marketing Hub.

Give us your feedback

Give us your feedback

Want to see functionality in the Marketing Hub changed or a new feature added?
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new to the marketing

New to the Marketing Hub?

The Getting Started Resources Portfolio is a tool designed for new Marketing Hub users. Check it out to
quickly learn the basics.


Training for asset publishers

If you're expected to be an asset publisher, please contact us.