Become a Self-Taught Illustrator: Design Concepts & Tools - S309

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Are you curious about learning how to draw and design with Illustrator but don’t know where to start? Join Natasha Polozenko, a self-taught illustrator and educator, as she deconstructs the core tools in Illustrator into easy-to-understand concepts and shares her advice on creating and cultivating a personal illustration practice and style. You’ll come away with new illustration skills as you begin your creative journey. Natasha is out to prove that you don’t need formal art training to make it as an illustrator!

In this inspiring session, you’ll learn:

  • Simple design concepts and tools to get familiar and confident with Illustrator
  • Actionable steps to help you begin your personal illustration journey
  • Ways to improve and refine your illustration skills to find your unique style

Technical Level: Beginner

Type: Session

Category: Inspiration

Track: Drawing, Painting, and Illustration, Graphic Design

Audience Types: Educator, Graphic Designer, Print Designer, Illustrator, Social Media Content Creator, Marketer

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