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Remote working.

Work from your happy place, and you can enjoy a meaningful career while living life on your terms. We’ve teamed up with some inspiring remote working revolutionaries who do work their way. Learn how they got there, with a little help from Adobe Acrobat.   Then follow their path to freedom.

Meet the remote working revolutionaries.

For many people, having to work more flexibly has been a revelation. And a revolution. Learn from the professionals who’ve been there, faced the challenges, and emerged successfully with a positive experience to share.

Rowena Hennigan

Rowena works remotely as a University Lecturer, Corporate Trainer and Consultant while living in Spain with her family. She explains how flexibility is key to achieving the right work-life balance.

Sheree Atcheson

Sheree is a multi-award-winning global diversity and inclusion leader and an ambassador for Women Who Code. She shares the impact remote work has on her and her team’s wellbeing.

Daniel Staarman 

Daniel is a German entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses and lives in the Canary Islands with his wife and children. He explains how remote working makes it easier to pursue business opportunities across the world.

Thomas Burbidge

Thomas lives in France and creates experiences and educational content for freelancers and contractors. He reveals how flexible working allows him to be location independent, helping him better integrate work into his life.

How to make it work remotely.

Our professionals share tips and techniques that make remote working work for them. Learn from their experiences and follow in their footsteps.

The importance of efficiency.

Rowena explains how using the right tools and integrations can facilitate remote workflows, helping you always get the job done regardless of your location.

Growing together through collaboration.

Sheree shares how inclusive collaboration can enable everyone in your team to tap into insights and perspectives you may never otherwise have been aware of.

The power of going from paper to digital. 

Daniel outlines how moving from paper to digital processes can streamline your workflows, improve communication with your teams and clients, and keep track of projects on the go.

Flexibility to work your way.

Thomas explains how the right tools give you the flexibility to organise documents securely – and achieve the transformations you want – without being tied to a permanent location.

Want to make your move to more flexible working? Download the e-book.

We enlisted the help of each of our remote working revolutionaries to write a book on how to make remote working a success for you. Each of them contributed a chapter based on their own interests and expertise. Download the eBook to learn more and embark on your own journey.

Get it done with Acrobat DC.

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Go digital and make it easy to track and see the status of the documents you’re working on and those you’ve shared with others to view, review or sign.

Get the job done wherever you are.


Be just as productive on the go as you are at your desk. Access your files and tools when and where you need them, on any device.

Save time with e-signatures.


Your time is precious - we’re here to help you to save it. Get your documents signed and sorted in next to no time, wherever you are. Forget paper, ink and postage.

Inspiring professionals talk about the freedom of flexible working.

Your needs are always evolving. And the way you work evolves with it. That’s why we’re continually improving and adding features to Adobe Acrobat. And when you buy Adobe Acrobat DC, you’ll always get the newest features the moment they’re released.

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Team licences available. Learn more

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