Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)

Customer comments

"By providing a way for metadata to travel along with an image, Adobe is delivering major time and energy savings to our digital asset management customers. By leveraging the extensible XMP framework, customers can bring images into their digital asset management systems and the metadata will come along automatically with no manual data entry."

Lisa Tuttle, Vice President, Emerging Technologies & Architecture, Getty Images

"One major reason why Interwoven is supporting XMP is its open architecture and the clear direction from Adobe that XMP will not only be supported in Adobe products but also will support other file formats. By allowing the community to contribute to the XMP standard and taking a multi-vendor approach, Adobe has developed a winning strategy."

Mike Svatek, Senior Product Manager, Content Intelligence, Interwoven

"North Plains Systems actively supports workflow-enhancing standards like XMP, allowing our customers to gain efficiencies across the enterprise using our TeleScope technology. XMP enables a tighter integration between our customers' authoring tools and their digital asset management system, so they can capture more accurate data without burdening their designers."

Hassan Kotob, President & CEO, North Plains Systems

"…XMP is a breakthrough because for the first time it provides a standard way of capturing, processing, and exchanging information about digital assets that is open-standards based, extensible, poised for widespread adoption, and most importantly, travels with the file itself."

John Fox, Chief Technology Officer, WebWare Corp.