Logging in


Logins are differentiated by Adobe employees (for use by employees, interns, contractors, and agency temps) and by vendors. Vendors logging in for the first time will be required to go through an account approval process.


All employees, interns, contractors, and temporary employees (employee types 1–4 and 8) automatically have publish access to search for and download assets and/or run reports. Adobe-approved marketing vendors are granted publish access by request. If you need to publish assets, email us to sign up for the Asset Publisher Certification. Completion of the program is required prior to author access being granted.


Supported web browsers

Web browsers supported include Firefox 33 (reccomended), Chrome 38+, Safari 6, 7 & 8 and Internet Explorer 9, 10 & 11. Installed plugins that block ads on web pages must be disabled or configured to allow ads from Adobe.com.


Use the following resources to learn how to log in and do basic navigation.

Recorded training

• Quick hit: Using the Marketing Hub Asset Finder

• Quick hit: Exploring the Asset Finder

Printed references

• Quick reference guide: Logging In



Finding and downloding a digital asset


Users can search for digital assets in the Marketing Hub by keywords, metadata tags, created date, or digital asset ID. Once the digital assets are located, the desired renditions can be downloaded immediately or in bulk.


Use the following resources to learn how to search for digital assets, save your favorite searches, view digital asset details, and download digital assets one at a time or in bulk.


Live Adobe® Connect™ training

• Finding and downloading digital assets (see "Live Connect classes" below)



Publishing a digital asset


Posting digital assets to the Marketing Hub is restricted to certified Marketing Hub Asset Publishers. Learn more by reading the Asset Publisher Certification program overview.

Email us to request Asset Publisher rights and begin Asset Publisher certification. In the email, please estimate how frequently you will be posting assets as well as the types of assets that you'll be posting most often.

Need to have assets published to the Marketing Hub for you? Submit a Marketing Hub Posting Request to have the Marketing Hub team post your asset.

Need a new folder created in the system for you? Submit a Marketing Hub New Folder Request to have a Marketing Hub system administrator configure the folder.


Use the following resources to learn how to add and edit assets in the Marketing Hub, specifically, how to add new assets to the system, apply Adobe metadata to assets to enable end-user search, add new asset versions and renditions, restrict access to assets, and activate assets. 


Live Adobe® Connect™ training

• Finding and downloading digital assets (see "Live Connect classes" below)



Viewing a report


Marketing Hub reports allow users to quickly see new assets that have been added to the system or to track asset usage. If you have a reporting need that is not fulfilled by one of the canned reports, contact us and a custom report will be configured.


Use the following resources to learn how to view standard Marketing Hub reports. 

Recorded training

 Quick hit: Working with Asset Finder Reports  



Live Connect classes

Finding and downloading digital assets

This class provides users with an overview of the Asset Finder and gives instructions on how to locate and download assets. The course covers different ways to search for and filter digital assets, viewing asset details, how to save favorite searches, and downloading assets one at a time or in bulk. 

• Class available upon request

Adding and editing digital assets

This class provides Asset Publishers with instructions on how to publish digital assets to the Marketing Hub. The course includes information on how to post new assets to the system, apply Adobe metadata, and activate assets; how to add renditions and publish new versions; and how to restrict access to an asset. Tips and tricks to expedite the publishing process as well as shortcuts to avoid will also be covered.

• Class available upon request

• Who should attend: This class is required for all Asset Publishers.
• Prior to training: The Asset Publisher Training Resources Portfolio contains reference materials to assist new Asset Publishers and should be printed prior to attending training classes.