How to add a digital signature to your PDF.


Why you should drop the pen and paper and save time by adding digital signatures to your documents.

Remote working can turn everyday jobs and processes into highly digital and global experiences. Luckily, there are ways to speed up and simplify workflows that used to be exclusively analogue — like getting a digital signature.


With an Adobe Acrobat Pro subscription, you can add digital signatures to your documents and save valuable time as well as financial and environmental resources while you’re at it.

When do I need to add a digital signature?

Particularly in time-sensitive cases, obtaining a digital signature can be crucial to work processes. 


For instance, in hiring processes, having the right e-sign software available to you, your co-workers and potential candidates when you need it can make your work a lot easier. Say you have been trying to fill an open position with a qualified candidate for some time now. You’ve finally met a high potential applicant and are discussing details.


Adobe Acrobat Pro with e-sign or Adobe Sign can be a critical leverage. Not only does it allow you to get the digital signature you need within minutes and without requiring the candidate to have the software themselves, it also demonstrates your commitment to the candidate you’re vying for by swiftly sealing the deal. 


Adobe Sign can also be used in areas beyond hiring! 

Like sales and marketing and legal departments. Close deals faster, streamline administrative work or keep legal processes moving by making your legal documents digitally accessible.


Fill and sign offer letters fast and secure.

Sales & Marketing.

Seal the deal before your competitor does, sign contracts, NDAs and much more.


Give self-serve access to digital documents.


Use digital signatures to speed up your processes for e.g. orders or supplier contracts.

Why do I need e-sign software for my business?

Beyond accelerating and simplifying workflows in human resources, there are a lot of ways you stand to benefit from implementing digital signatures in your daily business.

Going paperless is good for business-wide sustainability and the environment

React in seconds to urgent requests and fast-paced administrative processes as easily as sending an email

Keep track of administrative processes at any time, set reminders, cancel requests and view detailed audit trails for any transaction

Digital files are easier to back-up, document, secure and archive as well as update to current data standards

Share documents securely, both within and outside your company/organisation

Simply put, Adobe Sign makes your business more efficient and more cost-effective. Even better, it’s legally valid and enforceable in almost every industrialised country in the world.

Adobe Acrobat Pro with e-sign.

Combining the power of Adobe e-signatures with our useful PDF tools.

Adobe Sign for business.

E-sign only solution for business.

How do I add a digital signature to my documents?

Preparing and setting up documents for e-signing is very simple, but the benefits for your business operations are immense. 

Try our easy to use e-sign tools online for free.

No need to download any tools, simply upload your document and easily sign or send for signature.

Request Signatures

Send a document to others for signing.

Fill & Sign

Complete a form and add your signature.