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Five people sitting at a table, talking to each other and smiling.

Listening, Learning, and Taking Action
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Five black hands in fists, raised. The words "Black Lives Matter" appear on the left in black, with a white background.

Adobe Diversity & Inclusion FY2019 Year

in Review
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Young women talk about what's next

Opportunity For All

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Woman holding up a piece of paper that has a gender sign for both man and women drawn on it. There is a equal sign in the middle of the symbol.

Pivoting, Responding, and Moving Ahead: Five Diversity and Inclusion Lessons

from 2020

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Text on a black background that says Valuable 500

Important progress on the path toward LGBTQ+ Equality
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Group of women who work at Adobe with their hands raised horizontally to make an equal sign.

Adobe UK Gender Pay Report 2020

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Black background with the words :The Makers Conference, NOT DONE written on it.

Celebrating Black Life, Love and Legacy at Adobe

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Three employees walking pass the Adobe sign

Adobe France Gender Equality Index 2020
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What it means to be a trusted partner

Adobe For All in Action

When people feel appreciated and included, they are more creative, innovative, and successful. Take these five actions to build a place for all.


Appreciate the Unique

Value the differences in others' stories and ideas. Learn how ›

Amplify Others

Help everyone's voice be heard. Learn how ›

Enhance the Team

Consider what a new addition will bring that's different. Learn how ›

Rethink Routine

Look to equalize meetings, assignments and social events. Learn how ›

Open Up

Speak up for what you need and encourage feedback. Learn how ›


To download a printable PDF of Adobe For All in Action, click here.



AUGUST 6, 2020
Afro Tech Panel: Pathways to Design, Product Management and Engineering


AUGUST 11 – 13, 2020
HITECH Leadership Summit


SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
/dev/color Resume and Interview Prep Workshop


SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
Vets in Tech Employer Meet-up


Grace Hopper Celebration Women in Computing


OCTOBER 3, 2020
/dev/color Open House


NOVEMBER 12 – 15, 2020
AfroTech World


NOVEMBER 16 – 20, 2020

Lesbians Who Tech Debug 2020 Summit



Management for Leadership (MLT)