Multi-Camera Editing Workflow: It’s Easier Than You Think - S6610


Multi-camera videos are increasing in popularity, and editing them in Adobe Premiere Pro is straightforward as long as you know a few basics. Premiere Pro guru Valentina Vee as she guides editors new to multi-camera editing through the basics required for a first multi-camera edit. Discover how to combine multiple video angles, import footage shot with Premiere Rush on your phone, switch between camera footage, fine tune multi-camera cuts, and match cameras’ colors and frame sizes.  

You’ll learn about:

  • Multi-camera best practices, including shooting video via Premiere Rush
  • Understanding the Create Multi-camera Source Sequence dialog box
  • Live switching a multi-camera sequence
  • Refining a multi-camera edit
  • Best strategies for color matching different camera angles

Technical Level: Intermediate

Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Video

Audience: Post-Production Professional