Natura Insects

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Find beauty in nature. Create art using materials from your yard, and check out Raku Inoue’s latest work.

Raku Inuoe’s Natura Insects project is all about appreciating the potential in everyday materials. His insect portraits began as a morning creative exercise: from whatever he could find in his backyard, he formed natural shapes suggested by the materials. 

Inspired by classical Japanese ikebana floral arrangements, Raku creatively constrains himself to what is in season while respecting its ephemerality. Raku’s work encourages us to engage with our immediate surroundings and view our natural world intentionally and respectfully, while slowing down to appreciate the simple act of creating.

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  • Gardening shears

  • White paper or cardstock

  • Access to a garden or foliage 

  • Basket or container for gathering materials

Learn more about Raku’s work: