Got questions?

How do I apply to be a session speaker at MAX 2021?

You can email your MAX 2021 proposals starting the February 2021.

Who do I contact about becoming a sponsor?
Check out our Sponsors page or email us

Where should I send a media inquiry?
Please email your media inquiries to our PR team.

How do I contact Event Support?
Please email Event Support. Please review all FAQs prior to contacting us.

What is Adobe MAX?
Adobe MAX is the leading global creativity conference, a uniquely immersive and engaging digital experience. A free event, MAX features live and on-demand content, including more than 350+ sessions, labs, keynotes, musical performances, special guest appearances, and a sneak peek at things being worked on in Adobe labs.

Is there a charge for registering for MAX?
No, Adobe is offering MAX 2020 on-demand sessions at no charge.

What is on-demand content? 
Most celebrity sessions were only available during the event, however over 350+ sessions are still available on-demand. On-demand content will be available at no cost to watch over the coming year. Search by name on the Speakers Page and if they are not included in the listing, they are not available for on-demand viewing.

What were the dates of Adobe MAX?
In Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa, MAX was held October 20–22, 2020. In Asia Pacific and Japan, MAX was held October 21-22, 2020.

How do I find my individual session schedule?

  1. From the MAX homepage, click Sign In to log in with the Adobe ID and password you used when you registered for MAX. 
  2. From the top navigation, click on your avatar and then click My Schedule. NOTE – only registered attendees will have access to My Schedule. 
  3. Click on Sessions in the top navigation to view the full list of MAX sessions. Select My Schedule just below the Search field to open up your personal MAX schedule. 
  4. Although MAX has ended, registered attendees can still favorite sessions by clicking on the heart icon. Filter by My Favorites to show only those sessions you've favorited. On My Schedule, click Show Favorites to see these sessions alongside your scheduled sessions.  


How do I watch sessions? 

  • From the Sessions list: view on-demand sessions by clicking on the session card. Once you are in the session page, click on the play button on banner image to start the recording. 
  • From the Speaker list: Review the speaker list or search and filter for a specific speaker. Click on the speaker card to open their profile, where you can find a complete list of their sessions and select the ones you’d like to watch on-demand.


Will I be able to watch session recordings after they broadcast, including those that aired in the LIVE Broadcast?
Yes! Most session recordings will be available on-demand. On-demand content will be available at no cost to watch over the coming year. 

  1. Check out our Keynotes here.
  2. Other Live Broadcast content is available to view on-demand in smaller segments. Narrow your search by searching for the speaker name and filtering by one of the following session types: Evangelist, Keynote, Luminary, Special Guest.
  3. Other sessions can also be watched by searching on our sessions page and clicking on the session card.


What is the difference between the various session types offered?

  • Sessions: Most are between 30-60 minutes. English, French, German, and Japanese captions are available. Sessions presented in Japanese have Japanese captions only.
  • Labs: Designed to provide the tools you need to learn on your own later. Labs are comprised of 2-3 chapters, about 30 minutes each. Labs are in English only. Creativity workshops: All about exploring and playing, up to 15 minutes. Workshops are in English only. 


What does my experience level need to be for sessions?
Sessions range from beginner to advanced. Attendees should have a general familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud and the particular tools featured in the session.

To help select sessions that are appropriate for your skill level, MAX technical levels are defined as follows: 

  • Beginner: This product or topic is either new to you or you’d like to brush up and focus on basic and essential skills, techniques, and industry standards. 
  • Intermediate: Take your skills to the next level with content geared to refining and expanding your mastery of basic skills of the featured product.
  • Advanced: You live in this featured product every day and consider yourself a master of its tools. These sessions will provide the latest and most advanced techniques to enhance your workflow. 


Where can I find the lineup of keynote and session speakers?
The full list of conference speakers can be found by clicking on Sessions in the top navigation. Toggle to Speakers above the filter list. Search for speakers by name or apply filters to search for speakers of interest.

Can I share on-demand sessions with someone who is not registered for the event?
While sessions cannot be downloaded and distributed, anyone can view all listed on-demand sessions.


Will I get copies of the presentations and materials?

  • PDFs of session presentations and lab workbooks will be available for download from the individual session pages.
  • Lab files will be shared via Creative Cloud by clicking on the "Add to your Creative Cloud" button under Session Files on the individual session pages. An active Creative Cloud account is required to access lab files. 
  • Some of our speakers are bound by copyright or licensing agreements and therefore do not permit us to make their materials available for download.


How can I download assets for the Labs?
Lab files will be shared via Creative Cloud by clicking on the Download Now button under Session Files on the individual session pages. An active Adobe ID account is required to access lab files. Click here to learn how to copy files to your Creative Cloud account. 


Where can I find translated session titles and descriptions?
Visit the Session list to find session titles and descriptions that are available in English and Japanese.


What are the session tracks? 

3D and AR

Discover how to push the boundaries of creativity with 3D design and Augmented Reality. Learn how to take your first step in 3D with Adobe Dimension, a 3D scene design tool that lets you integrate work from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for product and brand visualizations, creative storytelling, illustration, and more. Bring your content into the Adobe Aero app and explore the new medium of Augmented Reality to create interactive experiences. Take your 3D skills to the next level with the Substance suite of texturing tools to create realistic materials for 3D models. 

Business Productivity

Now more than ever, it’s essential to keep your business moving while empowering remote work. This track will inspire you to become even more productive while digitizing your workflows with Document Cloud apps and services. Learn how to accelerate workflows with e-signatures, collaborate across teams and devices with Acrobat, embed PDF capabilities into Google and Microsoft apps, build seamless digital experiences with Document Cloud SDKs, and leverage Adobe’s latest PDF innovations powered by AI. 

Creativity and Design in Business 

The Creativity and Design in Business track focuses on how to grow your creative career and build strong businesses that are focused on design and creativity. Learn how to step up and lead a team, overcome setbacks, and get inspired to tackle personal passion projects. Hear from leaders from top brands and agencies who will share how they’re driving business success and advancing the cause of design through unique strategies and techniques, creative campaigns, and innovation.  


The Education track will inspire educators and leaders in K12 or Higher Education as they support creative literacy and prepare students for their futures. Hear from leaders in the field engaging students in the classroom and beyond. Learn about best practices in distance learning. Join this track to explore how to prepare the next generation with job skills for a changing world. 

Graphic Design

Make the most of Creative Cloud by learning key techniques, time saving tips and tricks, and innovative ways of working across multiple design disciplines. Topics include image compositing, retouching, photo modification, print design, digital publishing and, of course, spectacular graphic designs. This track will be led by pioneers and thought leaders in the design space who will inspire you by sharing their strategies and techniques.

Illustration and Digital Painting 

If you’re a beginner looking to learn from creative experts who draw, paint, and illustrate, this track teaches you tactical skillsets and insider tips you can use right away. If you’re an experienced professional, you’ll learn industry secrets and discover new specialties from the top names working today. Either way, join this track for ideas, inspiration, and skill building from leading digital artists who will share their insights, trade secrets, and processes.


Spark your passion for photography with sessions that will help you improve your photography skills and create great photos with your smartphone camera or DSLR. Learn how to transform your photos to look exactly as you imagined and create different looks from a single photograph. See how you can easily shoot, edit, and share your photos from anywhere, and effortlessly move your images, along with your edits, between your mobile devices and desktop. Gain ideas, inspiration, and hands-on practice with leading photographers and Adobe experts in sessions, hands-on labs, and experiential workshops.

Social Media

Learn how to express yourself, connect with your audience, and create standout social media content. You’ll get simple tips for making photos and graphics that pop, find out how to shoot and edit videos like a pro, and learn how to get the most out of platforms like Instagram and TikTok using just the smartphone in your pocket. The sessions in the Social Media track will cover practical tutorials and best practices to help you own your social presence. 

UI and UX 

Learn how to design, prototype, and share rich user experiences. Whether you're new to UI/UX or an experienced designer, these sessions and labs will guide you to the future of experience design with tips and tricks, skills, and best practices. Learn the secrets of web and mobile design and mock-up layouts, add objects, components and navigation, and wire up multiple artboards to create interactive prototypes. Discover the power of sharing and collaboration with shared links, design specs, design systems, and more.


Learn how to bring your ideas to life and develop the skills for editing video, designing motion graphics, creating animations, applying visual effects, and more. From shooting and editing social videos to producing full-scale productions, you’ll understand how to capture, edit, and finesse your clips with the video tools available in Creative Cloud.

What is Engage and what is available?

Engage is the place to go to extend your MAX experience and includes multiple engaging experiences. 

  • Fun Stuff: Discover fun and innovative art projects under Try This at Home
  • Creative Challenges: Challenge yourself to use Adobe Creative Cloud products in cool new ways. 
  • Podcasts: Hear our top 10 favorite design podcasts featuring interviews with luminary speakers and more.

Where can I find Portfolio Review resources after MAX?
Creative community members will continue sharing and reviewing portfolios on any of our four Global Discord servers: Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd, Premiere.
By joining these servers, you can also learn about other community resources, such as Adobe Live.

Are there other ways I can get my portfolio reviewed?
Yes. Join one of our two livestream MAX chats: Building a Great Portfolio sessions and add one to your schedule here. Then submit your portfolio through this form.

Can I listen to podcast episodes after the event?
Yes, all featured podcasts will be available on the MAX site after the event.

How can I learn more about a podcast partner?
Visit their page in the Sponsor Hub to learn more and connect.

What is the exchange and return policy?
Please refer to each store’s page for their customer support resource and information on shipping, exchange, and return policies and work with them directly. For lost receipts, please email us for a copy.

I have questions about my Marketplace purchase, who do I contact?
If you purchased an item from the MAX Store, please contact their customer support here. If you purchased from a Marketplace Shop, refer to each store's page for policies and customer service contact.

I didn’t receive an email about my giveaway offer. Who should I contact?
Expect an email within 2 days post-event for each giveaway you claimed. Please reach out to the associated sponsor directly to follow up on the giveaway redemption.

Do you have sponsorship opportunities?
Yes, there are unique sponsorship options available. Visit the sponsor form or email us to learn more. 

How will I know if I’ve been entered to win a prize?
As soon as you reach 700 total points, you will automatically be entered to win a prize; no further action is required to officially enter. Some exclusions apply. Please see a list of ineligible participants in the official game rules. Winners will be randomly selected for each prize and notified via email.

How will I know if I won a prize?
Winners will be notified by Adobe via email within 3 days after Adobe MAX has ended. Prizes will be mailed within 2 weeks of shipping address confirmation.

Is there a mobile app?
Yes, MAX will use the free Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app. Viewers will be able to view Live Broadcast content along with sessions. MAX details will be available on the Creative Cloud app. 

Where can I find the MAX event in the Creative Cloud app?
Log into your Creative Cloud account on the mobile app. MAX will be a main tab on the mobile app. Click on the MAX tab to find more event details.

Where do I find my schedule on Android devices?
Schedules and favorites saved on the Adobe MAX website are not viewable in the Creative Cloud mobile app on Android. Visit My Schedule to view and modify your schedule.

Where do I find my schedule on iOS devices?
Log into your account on the Creative Cloud mobile app. To view your schedule, click into the MAX tab and click Live event and sessions. The sessions you have scheduled and favorited on the web will appear under the Scheduled and Favorite tabs. You can view, add and change sessions in the mobile app.

What is Adobe’s overall policy on accessibility?
Adobe welcomes the participation of individuals with disabilities and will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to enable equitable participation at Adobe MAX. Closed captioning details below.

Will the sessions be translated into other languages?

For sessions presented in English: 
Live Keynotes, Sneaks and Broadcast Premieres will have English closed captions 

On-demand Opening Keynote will have English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish closed captions after MAX starting on Oct. 26. 

On-demand Broadcast sessions will have English, French, German, and Japanese closed captions after MAX starting on Oct. 26. 

On-demand Sneaks will have English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish closed captions  

Live and on-demand sessions will have English, French, German, and Japanese closed captions.  

Premiere sessions and labs will have live chat in English only. 

Labs and workshops are in English only.  

For sessions presented in Japanese: 
The Japan keynote will have Japanese subtitles for the English-speaking portions. 

Live and on demand sessions presented in Japanese will have Japanese closed captions. 

Premiere sessions will have live chat. 

What are the browser requirements to view the event?
Adobe MAX is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Chrome for Android 34+
  • Chrome for Desktop 34+
  • Firefox for Android 41+
  • Firefox for Desktop 42+
  • Edge for Windows 10+
  • Opera for Desktop
  • Vivaldi for Desktop
  • Safari for Mac
  • Safari for iOS

Where can I find translated session titles and descriptions?
Visit the Session list to find session titles and descriptions that are available in English and Japanese.

Can I watch sessions that were in different regions?
MAX sessions are available to everyone, regardless of their region. The majority of our sessions are available on-demand after they premiere. On-demand sessions presented in English will include English, French, German, and Japanese captions. Sessions presented in Japanese will only have Japanese captions. Workshops and Labs will only have English subtitles. (Additional closed captioning and language information is available here.)

Where can I turn on the closed captioning?
You can find the closed caption button in the lower left corner of the player window.

How do I stay current on MAX developments?
If you’re not already a member of the MAX mailing list, sign up. In addition, follow MAX on Facebook and Twitter for 2020 updates and great content all year long.

How can I connect with our community on social?
Use the #AdobeMAX hashtag when posting. MAX registrants have access to this year's exclusive MAX Stickers & GIPHYs to add to social posts. Share the MAX love! Get the redemption code in the registration dashboard and let the fun begin.

Where can I find more info about new features in Creative Cloud apps?
Learn about the latest updates to the Creative Cloud app in the what's new summary or join the discussions in the Adobe Support Community.

Where can I download Creative Cloud apps?
Sign in to your Creative Cloud account, locate the app you want to download, and click Install. If you do not have a Creative Cloud account, create one for free. For help with download or install issues, ask the community

Is MAX offering a Certificate of Participation?
A Certificate of Attendance will be available for MAX 2020. Please note that your certificate will not be available until the second week of November and will only be available to those that registered for MAX. Only sessions fully viewed while logged in will appear on your record of attendance. Attendance will only be added to your certificate from the event date through December 31, 2020. Sessions will take 48-72 hours to appear on your record. If you do not see your certificate update after this window, please reach out to Event Support.

We are not completing any other official certification or continuing education credit for MAX 2020.

I have specific questions that are not addressed here. Who can help me?
Email us for further questions.