Keeping Your Sense of Wonder: Using You as Inspiration - S6205

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We all want to satisfy our inner child, but what about getting art direction from them? To retain a sense of youthful fun, professional illustrator and hand-lettering artist Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn imagines what her five-year-old self would think of every project she creates. The payoff is the excitement of capturing childlike wonderment, plus powerful creative skills.

Join Shauna Lynn as she shares:

  • How to bring honesty and naivete into your professional work
  • A fun-filled half hour of thinking of things that bring you joy
  • How to combine Adobe Fresco with the things that make you happy to further develop your inspiration

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Session

Category: How To, Inspiration, Mobile

Track: Illustration and Digital Painting, Graphic Design

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Print Designer, Illustrator