Photoshop iPad to Desktop Part 3: Refining Your Design - L6152c

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Learn how to create amazing images with Photoshop on desktop and iPad in this follow-along lab with Rob de Winter, MAX Master, Adobe Certified Instructor, and designer. You’ll create a compelling graphic design, starting on the iPad by crafting a sophisticated composite with advanced typography, and then moving to the desktop to refine your design with incredible special effects and type styles.

In Part 3 of this lab, you’ll:

  • Dig deeper into brushes, and learn how to make and use atmospheric fog and dust
  • Discover new Photoshop 2021 features for designers
  • Learn how to create a photo collage using guide layouts and image frames

Technical Level: Intermediate

Type: Lab

Category: How To, Mobile

Track: Graphic Design

Audience: Graphic Designer, Print Designer, Web Designer