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What is Adobe MAX?

Adobe MAX is the leading global creativity conference, a uniquely immersive and engaging digital experience. A free and virtual event, MAX 2021 featured live and on-demand content, including more than 400 sessions, labs, keynotes, musical performances, special guest appearances, and a sneak peek at things being worked on in Adobe labs.

What is on-demand content?

The majority of sessions and labs are available on demand. On-demand content is available at no cost for all to watch over the coming year. Some Mainstage Broadcast sessions featuring celebrities are not available on demand after MAX.

Was there a charge for registering for MAX?

No, Adobe offered MAX 2021 at no charge.

Can I share on-demand sessions with someone who is not registered for the event?

Yes, all on-demand sessions are available to anyone.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, MAX Mainstage Broadcast and sessions are available on demand using the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app.

What is the Mainstage Broadcast?

The Mainstage Broadcast (separated into four regions: Americas; Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Japan) included a keynote, Sneaks, workshops, luminary and celebrity sessions, and musical performances.

What is the difference between the various session types offered?

  • Mainstage Broadcast: a livestream of keynotes, Sneaks, special guests, luminary speakers, and musical performances
  • Sessions: 20-30 minutes each.
  • Labs: Learn on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 60 minutes each. Register to add labs to your schedule.
  • Luminaries: Hear from creative luminaries. 15-30 minutes. Watch on demand.
  • Creativity Workshops: Watch your favorite designers in action as they share how they work.
  • Inspiring Insights: Short videos (1-4 minutes) featuring inspiration, latest trends, and tips and tricks. Register to view.

Where can I find the lineup of speakers?

The full list of conference speakers can be found on the Speakers page.

What are the session tracks?

  • 3D and AR
  • Collaboration and Productivity
  • Creativity and Design in Business
  • Education
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration and Digital Painting
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • UI and UX
  • Video
  • Meet the Adobe Teams

View the track descriptions.

What does my experience level need to be for sessions?

Sessions range from beginner to advanced. Attendees should have a general familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud and the particular tools featured in the session.

To help select sessions that are appropriate for your skill level, MAX technical levels are defined as follows: 

  • Beginner: This product or topic is either new to you or you’d like to brush up and focus on basic and essential skills, techniques, and industry standards. 
  • Intermediate: Take your skills to the next level with content geared to refining and expanding your mastery of basic skills of the featured product. 
  • Advanced: You live in this featured product every day and consider yourself a master of its tools. These sessions will provide the latest and most advanced techniques to enhance your workflow. 

How do I find my individual session schedule?

Click the ‘Register/Sign in’ link in the top right-hand corner. Once signed in:

  1. Click the circle avatar in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select My Schedule to search for and add sessions to your personal MAX schedule.
  3. Select the Sessions tab from the top navigation to be taken to the Sessions page where you can browse and filter to sessions of interest.

How do I watch sessions?

From the Sessions page:

  • View sessions by clicking on the session card.
  • Once you are on the session page, click the play button on the banner image to start the recording.

From the Speakers list:

  • Review the speakers list or search and filter for a specific speaker.
  • Click on the speaker card to open their profile. Here you can find a complete list of their sessions and select the ones you’d like to watch.

Can I get copies of the presentations and materials?

Session and lab files are available on the individual session pages. Attendees must be registered and have an active Creative Cloud account to access files.

How long will sessions be available online?

Most MAX sessions will be available for at least one year after the event.

Can I book Braindate meetings after MAX ends?

Braindate meetings can only be booked through October 28 at 5:00pm PT.

Access to the Braindate platform is available through November 15, so you can revisit chats from meetings, share contact information, and stay in touch with your new connections.

I have more questions about Braindate, who can I contact?

Please contact Braindate support for any follow up questions.

What is the Community area?

Community is the place you can continue to extend your MAX experience by re-watching previously aired content and continue to engage with the MAX community.

Co-Create downloads

Behance profiles

  • Check out all the portfolios from other talented MAX attendees and connect with them through social media


  • Hear our favorite design podcasts featuring interviews with luminary speakers
  • How can I learn more about a podcast partner?

Visit their page to learn more and connect.

  • View conversations that creative people around the world have had by using only images.

Networking with Braindate

Can I book Braindate meetings after MAX ends?

Braindate meetings can only be booked through October 28 at 5:00pm PT.

Access to the Braindate platform is available through November 15, so you can revisit chats from meetings, share contact information, and stay in touch with your new connections.

I have more questions about Braindate, who can I contact?

Please contact Braindate support for any follow up questions.

What happens in Take Five?

Explore global street art, get creative with the MAX photobooth, listen to the MAX 2021 playlist, and watch puppies play.

What activities are currently available within Take Five?

  • Keynote highlights from the Mainstage – catch the celebrity breaks again
  • Art Walks – see how art has revitalized cities around the world
  • MAX 2021 playlist - curated by Adobe Stock to inspire creativity, ignite passion, and promote focus
  • Puppy cam – relax and watch puppies at play

How can I sign up for the Art Walks?

There is no need to sign up for the Art Walks. You will be able to view the different locations here.

Am I able to download the tracks from the MAX 2021 playlist?

The MAX 2021 playlist is available to play on Spotify. You can add the songs to your catalog there. To download the tracks, go to Adobe Stock.

Can I still purchase items from the Adobe MAX store or from the MAX Marketplace after the event?

Yes. Adobe products can be found here. The Marketplace won't be available after the event, so we recommend keeping track of the stores you're interested in, so you can continue to shop with them directly.

Who do I contact regarding my MAX Store order?

Email customer service here.

What if I need to provide special handling or delivery instructions?

Please contact customerservice@brandvia.com for special handling or delivery instructions before placing your order.

How are orders shipped?

US$5 Flat Rate Shipping is provided via FedEx Ground for U.S. addresses, and FedEx International Economy for those outside the U.S. Other FedEx shipping options are available at checkout for an additional charge.

When will my order ship?

Our standard processing time is:

  • Orders placed before 12 noon Pacific Time will ship same business day.
  • Orders placed after 12 noon Pacific Time will ship next business day.

We will do our best to meet that processing time, but please note that order fulfillment may be slightly delayed due to COVID-19 workplace restrictions.

How do I request a refund or exchange?

A pre-paid FedEx return label can be requested for all U.S. shipments. You can use this to return the item. Please include a note with the return indicating whether you would like a refund or exchange. We will process the refund or exchange request within a few business days.

Returns from outside the U.S. can be shipped, at the customer's expense or on a customer-provided FedEx account.

If you are from outside of the U.S., returns will be accepted, but must be shipped back at the customer's expense. 

How do I change the shipping address for my order?

If the order has not shipped please call us at +1-408-952-5850 or email us at customerservice@brandvia.com. Please reference your order number when you call or email. 

How do I cancel my order?

Please contact BrandVia Customer Service at customerservice@brandvia.com or 408-952-5850 before 2 pm Pacific Time on the business day your order is scheduled to be shipped.

When will my order be delivered?

Orders ship from San Jose, California with the following estimated timelines:

FedEx Priority Overnight = 1 business day after ship date (AM delivery)
FedEx Standard Overnight = 1 business day after ship date (PM delivery)
FedEx 2Day = 2 business days after ship date
FedEx Express Saver = 3 business days after ship date
FedEx Ground/Home = 1-5 business days after ship date, depending on proximity to San Jose, California
FedEx International Economy = 5-10 business days

Who do I contact if I have a question about my order?

Each store on the Marketplace page operates independently. Please refer to each store’s page for their customer support resource and information on shipping, exchange, and return policies.  Adobe is not responsible for the shops and does not have access to any information related to your order or the merchandise offered on the shops. 

How and when will I receive my giveaway offer?

Each sponsor will follow up with you directly via email with more information on the redemption process. You can expect an email within 2 days post-event for each giveaway you claimed.

Will sponsor giveaways be available post-event?

No, sorry. Our sponsor giveaways are only offered during event days.

I did not receive an email about my giveaway offer. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to the associated sponsor directly to follow up about the giveaway redemption.

Do you have sponsorship opportunities for MAX 2022?

Yes, there are unique sponsorship options available. Email us to learn more.

What is Adobe’s accessibility commitment?

Adobe welcomes the participation of individuals with disabilities and will make every effort to create outstanding web experiences that are accessible to everyone. We are committed to producing rich, engaging content that is accessible to all and will make accommodations with reasonable modifications to ensure Adobe MAX is inclusive to everyone that participates.

Where can I find translated session titles and descriptions?

Visit the Sessions page to find session titles and descriptions in English. Japanese descriptions are available on the Japan version of the site.

Are the sessions translated into other languages?

For sessions presented in English:

  • On-demand opening keynote has English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish closed captions after the session premieres.
  • On-demand Mainstage Broadcast sessions have English, French, German, and Japanese closed captions
  • On-demand Sneaks has English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish closed captions
  • On-demand sessions have English, French, German, and Japanese closed captions.
  • Unless otherwise noted on the session page, labs are presented in English only.

For sessions presented in Japanese:

  • The Japan keynote has Japanese subtitles for the English-speaking portions.
  • On-demand sessions presented in Japanese have Japanese closed captions.

Did Adobe MAX have a code of conduct for the event?

The Adobe MAX virtual conference is dedicated to providing a fun, engaging, and safe event for everyone. All attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors and Adobe staff (“participants”) are required to comply with the Adobe MAX code of conduct.

By attending Adobe MAX, you are agreeing to abide by this code of conduct. Anyone found to be violating this code of conduct may be expelled at the discretion of organizers.

Adobe has a zero-tolerance policy and will not tolerate any harassing or abusive behavior towards any participant. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or harassment
  • Pornographic material or explicit content (sexual or violent in nature) Disruptive behavior, especially during talks, presentations, events, or activities
  • Hateful or highly offensive content, including personal insults or content that attacks or dehumanizes a person based on gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or political affiliation
  • Profanity
  • Spam
  • Misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive content
  • Illegal content or activities

If in doubt, please keep it positive and professional and be mindful of the information that you choose to share with other participants. Please report any abusive content or behavior to maxsupport@adobe-events.com.

We ask all participants to help create a safe and supportive environment of inclusiveness, and we look forward to your attendance.

How do I stay current on MAX developments?

If you’re not already a member of the MAX mailing list, sign up. In addition, follow MAX on Facebook, our blog, and Twitter for 2021 updates and great content all year long.

How can I connect with our community on social?

Use the #AdobeMAX hashtag when posting. Follow the MAX and Adobe social channels at:

Is MAX offering a Certificate of Participation?

A Certificate of Attendance will be available for MAX 2021. Please note that your certificate will not be available until the second week of November and will only be available to those that registered for MAX. Only sessions fully viewed while logged in will appear on your record of attendance. Attendance will only be added to your certificate from the event date through December 31, 2021. Sessions will take 48-72 hours to appear on your record. If you do not see your certificate update after this window, please reach out to Event Support.

We are not completing any other official certification or continuing education credit for MAX 2021.

I opted in to the MAX Sneakers Sweepstakes. How do I know if I won?

Winners to the Sneakers sweepstakes will be selected after MAX and sent an email. Winners will be contacted if you are selected as a winner. Here are the Adobe MAX 2021 Sneakers Sweepstakes rules: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German

The list of winners will be posted in the MAX Blog after November 8.

Where can I download the Creative Cloud product apps?

Sign into your Creative Cloud account, locate the product app you want to download, and click Install. If you do not have a Creative Cloud account, create one for free. For help with download or install issues, check out our helpx page or ask the community.

Where can I find more info about new features in Creative Cloud apps?

Learn about the latest updates to the Creative Cloud app in the what's new summary or join the discussions in the Adobe Support Community.

Where can I find more information on the 14-day free trial of Creative Cloud apps?

Find more information and start your free trial here.

How do I contact Event Support?

Email us regarding event support issues. Inquiries will be answered as quickly as possible but there may be delays on event days due to the number of incoming emails.

How do I apply to be a session speaker at MAX 2022?

You can submit your MAX 2022 proposals starting the beginning February 2022.

I have more questions about Braindate, who can I contact?

Please contact Braindate support for any follow up questions.

Where should I send a media inquiry?

Please email your media inquiries to our PR team.

Who do I contact regarding my MAX Store order?

Email customer service here.