Conversation with Casey Neistat and Brandon Stanton - MB104

Closed captions in English, French, German, and Japanese can be accessed in the video player.

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Creativity can drive good. Get inspired by pioneers who use social platforms to make things happen. Then breathe, relax, and do some yoga. 

  • Join this session with Casey Neistat as he sits down in conversation with Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton. Casey is self-made and self-taught, his history is compelling. But it’s his vision that will inspire you. He talks about creativity for good — how creative integrity, interaction, and action make good things happen.
  • Take a break to let it sink in. Yahaya Musa, owner and founder of Musa Yoga Athletics, leads a relaxing yoga break. 
  • Nerdforge, the YouTube duo based in Norway. Inspired by experience in teaching, software engineering, and creative arts —and always pushing for something new — they’ve garnered more than 50 million views worldwide from a vocal community of like-minded fans.

Technical Level: General Audience

Session Type: Mainstage Broadcast

Category: Thought Leadership

Track: Social Media

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Social Media Content Creator, Marketer

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