Student Success Through Campus-Wide Use of Creative Cloud - S286

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  • Ryan McPherson

    Ryan McPherson

    Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Texas at San Antonio & Founder and CEO of Storytelling Movement, University of Texas at San Antonio & Storytelling Movement

  • Dr. Melissa Vito

    Dr. Melissa Vito

    Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, University of Texas at San Antonio


Learn how the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is empowering students across the campus to be more successful digital storytellers with Creative Cloud. Join Dr. Melissa Vito, vice provost for Academic Innovation at UTSA, and Ryan McPherson, associate professor of practice at UTSA, as they discuss their campus-to-course implementation of Creative Cloud and how starting with faculty support has led to quantifiable student growth and success.

In this session, you’ll explore how:

  • The UTSA project-based approach to teaching and learning is proving that students are more collaborative and engaged in their coursework
  • Your campus can implement Adobe apps to achieve supercharged student learning outcomes
  • Supporting faculty as creators empowers students 
  • Adobe apps create increased social presence, leading to improved stakeholder self-efficacy and relationships

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Category: Creativity in the Classroom

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