The Importance of Authenticity in Visual Media - S456

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  • Brenda Milis

    Brenda Milis

    Principal of Consumer and Creative Insights for Adobe Stock, Adobe


Recent years have seen a strong growth in the demand for diverse, inclusive imagery across most businesses and industries. More than ever, consumers expect brands to align with their values and to present diverse visuals in campaigns that accurately reflect a range of people, identities, and experiences. Join Adobe Stock Principal of Consumer and Creative Insights Brenda Milis as she explores market trends shaping the demand for inclusive imagery and authenticity in brand campaigns — and a few of the brands that are getting it right. 

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Demographic trends shaping media and consumer engagement
  • Examples of cutting-edge campaigns from top global brands
  • Strategies for creating more inclusive imagery and brand assets

Technical Level: General Audience

Session Type: Session

Category: Industry Best Practices

Track: Creativity and Design in Business, Graphic Design, Photography

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Business Strategist/Owner, Graphic Designer, Photographer

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