Theory of Communication Through Photos - MB153

Closed captions in Japanese and English can be accessed in the video player.

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This session is presented in Japanese.


Different speakers who express themselves through photography in different genres.

"Qwajima's Approach to the Subject" (Tomoki Qwajima)

Taking a portrait shot means affirming the subject — so says photographer Tomoki Qwajima. Speaking about his own way of approaching a subject, he'll cover the theory of communicating with the subject and an approach to photography.

"Strong Will While Immersed in Pop Culture: A World Turning on Expressive People" (Amiaya)

Amiaya are global fashion icons from Japan who work in modeling and DJing. Speaking on their philosophy and emotional expression through social media, they'll cover the subject of a pop culture world that turns on people who strongly express their will.

Technical Level: General Audience

Session Type: Mainstage Broadcast

Category: Inspiration

Audience: Graphic Designer, Photographer, Social Media Content Creator

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