Project Management Template.

As a project manager, you’re juggling a lot in your day-to-day and the hours can quickly disappear. Project management templates can help you to keep track of your projects, without the task becoming a whole other job. With a good template, you can set up and manage new projects in a flash. 


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The Different Templates for Project Management. 

Depending on the scope and field of the project, you may want to utilise a different project management template. Some examples of different templates include: 

If you’re looking for a general, comprehensive and in-depth top-down view of your project’s performance, scope and deliverables, this may be the ideal project management template. It can help to get a project off the ground and keep track of execution. 


It’s also a great way to set and track goals and then deliver results or progress to those who need to see it. 

Budgeting can be tricky and sometimes a single column template isn’t enough. A project budgeting template can help you to set budgets, keep track of spending and forecast any additional costs in a handy, in-depth sheet. 


The benefit of this template is that it can provide more detail without cluttering other project management templates. You can always slot it into a tab supporting other sheets if you want all your project information in one place.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a performance metric that, over time, can become difficult to track. 


An OKR tracking template is an easy-to-use system that helps you to keep tabs on team objectives, results and goals in a manageable way. It can keep focus points centralised and help you and your team clearly understand your OKRs - ideal for businesses big and small. 

As anyone who’s ever managed an event can tell you, there’s a lot of spinning plates before showtime. From dates, times, caterers, costs and presentation slots to attendees and seating, so much goes into planning an event of any size. 


An event management template is a framework to help you to plan pre-event and evaluate post-event, giving you much needed data when required. It allows you to assign tasks, predict hours required and give a better idea of what you need to make your event a success.

Construction tasks are big projects, even when they seem small. Having a pre-defined template to help oversee your construction project can be an easy way to get things through to the finish line. 


It can help you to visualise costs, timescales and materials and keep track of finished work or additional jobs.

Project management templates can come in many forms and one you may not expect is for IT ticket management. 


While this is helpful for collecting end-user information on issues, prioritising fixes and keeping track of an issue’s status, it can also be an amazing source of data to use for a self-service knowledge base in the future.

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What you'll learn:

What is a Project Management Template?

A good project management template will help you plan, save time and generally make your everyday tasks more efficient. There are a few ways they achieve this, such as:  

  • Utilising pre-built workflows
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Aiding team collaboration
  • Project tracking


Key Features of a Project Management Template. 

Before you can start using a project management template, you need to ensure that it’s fit for purpose. After all, you don’t want to be switching templates and transcribing data mid-project. So, avoid the late nights and caffeine sessions and start out the right way.


Depending on the project you’re managing, you’ll want to ensure that you have the following features: 

  • Objective Tracking. This provides a way to note key deliverables and goals and serves as the core of most project management templates. 
  • Task Prioritisation. Having a template set up that allows you to order and prioritise tasks can be essential for effectively managing workflow.
  • Timelines. Access to timelines helps to ensure you and your team are on track with any deliverables. Gantt chart timelines, in particular, can give a microscopic, clear visualisation of tasks and their milestones. 
  • Budget Allocation. Budgeting is an essential part of project management. Being able to clearly determine cost points can be key for reporting and budgeting. 
  • Multiple Project View: If you’re handling multiple, intertwined projects, then project tracking can help team collaboration and give you an overview of multiple projects simultaneously. The means you can track any intertwining details, which can be incredibly handy if projects rely on each other. 
  • Tool Integration. The world of IT is growing and being able to include automation or reporting tools with your project management templates can greatly boost workflow.


The Benefits of Using a Project Management Plan. 

A properly utilised and maintained project management plan has a lot of potential benefits. These include: 


Saves Time.

With a helpful project management plan, you can save time by reuse tried-and-true frameworks that suit your project best. Gaining this familiarity over time can lead to increased efficiency. 


Outlines Key Steps.

Determining (and keeping sight of) your key goals is easy with a customised project management template. This enables you to ensure your project maintains pace and easily report on the project’s success in bite-size pieces. 


Aids with Project Scope and Resources.

With an intelligent management framework in place, you can get a sense of your project’s scope - even if it changes throughout the process. This means you can effectively determine and plan resources as required, with the data to back everything up. 


Assists Task Management.

Assigning tasks, completion dates, progress and priorities can be simple with the proper project management plan. Re-assign work and keep track of which tasks are at which stage in a simple to use, easy to oversee framework. 


Presents an Easy Review Process.

Over a project’s lifetime - or post-lifecycle - you may want to report on key statistics. With all the information in one place, you can easily report on these metrics to assist future projects or give updates on in-progress ones. 

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