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YouTube banner templates for every type of content.

You don’t need to start your designs from scratch with Adobe Spark, as there is a YouTube channel art template for just about every type of content and subject area. Whether you’re an avid vlogger or a business owner looking for new customers, you can give your channel an identity all of its own with the right template.

Categories such as “School,” “Food,” “Seasonal” and Travel give you the building blocks of the perfect channel art. In essence, you’re given a completed design, complete with images, text, backgrounds, and a color scheme. This is the basis for your own design. Simply add, remove and edit the various design components as you see fit.

Start by choosing a channel art template that matches the subject of your video content. To ensure that your new art fits the YouTube banner space, select the “YouTube Thumbnail” option, which is exactly the right size. Once you’re finished editing, you can see your finished design in the preview panel. Save it, and upload it to your YouTube account in a matter of seconds.

Customize your YouTube banner in seconds.

You can start your YouTube channel banner template from scratch or choose the most appropriate template to kick-start the process. Whether you have a blank page or a complete template, customizing your banner is a very simple, quick and satisfying experience.

Add your photos, or use some license-free images from the Internet. Play around with the various layouts available until you find something that works. Adobe Spark allows you to choose a color scheme with a single click. Stick with the ready-made combinations available, or select your own colors to represent your brand most appropriately.

Click on the preview of your YouTube channel banner, and you can add more images, shapes, text and icons. Change the orientation of elements, replace elements or duplicate them until you’re happy with the results.

Adobe Spark allows you to create completely unique and distinctive YouTube banners according to exacting specifications. This means you can be sure that none of your competitors are using something similar — which is vital in the world of video creation.

Why choose Adobe Spark for YouTube banner?

Paying a professional design service to create a professional and eye-catching YouTube channel banner is an expense small businesses and individuals can usually do without. The great thing about using Adobe Spark for the job is that it’s completely free. Simply register for an account, and you can start designing your channel art right away.

The simply drag-and-drop design interface can be mastered in around an hour. And the almost endless design choices ensure that you’re left with a professional YouTube banner that is unique to your channel.

Don’t spend money on professional designers or expensive software packages when Adobe Spark gives you a suite of design tools for free. Easy to use and packed with exciting possibilities, this is design software that puts you firmly in control of the creative process.