Simple bullet journal ideas, examples, and templates to organize your life



You don’t have to be interested in resolutions or year-end goals to need a little order in your life. Journaling has had a resurgence in recent years as a self-care trend, but certain styles of journals have remained on top due to their high level of utility. One of those styles is the bullet journal, which focuses on breaking your day, week, month, or year into a variety of doable tasks and reflections on how you use your time. Read on to learn more about the bullet journal and how you can use one to organize your life and download some free customizable templates from Adobe Express that will make your journaling process more colorful and fun!

What is a bullet journal?

Bullet journals, developed by digital product designer Ryder Carroll, are a method of personal organization that have exploded in popularity since 2013. Also known as a “Bujo,” a bullet journal can help you be mindful about your level of productivity, and how you split your time between activities, work, and personal responsibilities. The goal of using this type of journal is to live with intention and have a sense of purpose for how you spend your time.

How to start a bullet journal

  1. Gather the supplies you’ll need. This will obviously include your favorite writing utensil and a dot-grid journal of your choice, whether that’s a trademarked Bullet Journal, or a regular notebook that you can customize however you’d like.
  2. Brainstorm your journal’s general purpose. How would you like to organize your time? Will this journal be for to-do lists, goal-tracking, or diary writing? Whichever theme you go with will alter its design.
  3. Create your index or table of contents page. This page will list everything you’ll be including in your bullet journal, whether that’s list categories, logs of your time, or events you’d like to focus on.
  4. Make the bullet journal your own by filling out the pages with page numbers, time logs, summaries, and tracking systems for keeping up with goals, activities, or responsibilities.
  5. Have fun with it! This is your journal, which means you get to put whatever you want in it. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good; there will always be more space for changes or alterations as you start to use the journal and find out what works best for you.

Simple bullet journal examples and inspiration

Things to track in your bullet journal

What to put in your bullet journal

Whether your bullet journal is for developing creativity, personal motivation, building an aesthetic, or for professional reasons, there are many things you can add to it for extra personality.

Free Adobe Express bullet journal templates

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