Introducing New Spark Post Features: Custom Sizes, Adobe Stock Integration, and More!

The holidays came early! Spark Post 4.1 is here and it’s got more goodies than your Thanksgiving table. Here’s a run-down of all the new features available right here (just tap any of the graphics below to try it out!) or on your iPhone or iPad after a quick update.

Image Cutouts and Transparent PNGs Support

Adobe Spark Post Now Supports Cutout Images Stickers for Your Social Media Designs

Remember how you used to cut out Leonardo Dicaprio’s face from magazines and tape it to your locker. (No? …Yeah, neither do we…) Well PNGs, for those who don’t know, are exactly like that—except instead of your locker, you’re applying these image cutouts to your Post designs and instead of Leo, it’s whatever image or hearthrob you want. Import PNG images that you make yourself in Photoshop or Photoshop Mix, or search “cutout” or “PNG” in the “search free photos” option right in Post. Then move them anywhere on top of your design to amp up collages or add artful flare to your graphics.

Facebook Post Social Media Template



Instagram Template Social Media Post Template



Custom Sizes

Easy to Use Graphic Design Tool Custom Sizes
We try to load you up with all the pre-determined sizes you need from Instagram Story to Presentation Slide to Kindle Cover, but we also know beauty comes in all sizes — so you can now set your own width and height. To get started, go to the Resize tab then select Custom Size.

Multi-Styles within a Single Text Block

Sometimes you want to make a word or parts of your message pop with a different color, font, or shape. And now it’s super easy to do so with Post—no more breaking text into several text blocks! Simply write out your message in a single text box, then long press on the word you wish to highlight or tap on the ‘a’ icon to enter the new multi-styling mode. Change up the font, color, shape, or opacity to make your highlighted text appear just as you want it. To apply the new style to any other word(s) within the text block, just tap on the words. To remove the style from a highlighted word, simply tap it again. Insider tip: give the Style Suggestion Wheel a spin for awesome text effects.



Transparent PNG Export

Ever want to make a logo in Post or just export the text without a background for use elsewhere (like in, Spark Video, hint hint)? Well, now you can! Choose a solid color as the background of your project. When you’re finished with your design, tap Share and you’ll see the option to save it with a transparent background.

Access to Adobe Stock Images

We know many Spark users have an Adobe Stock subscription—hello 90 million professional images, graphics, illustrations, and more!—and want easy ways to work with Stock assets right in the Post editor. Well starting today, you can either use your previously licensed Adobe Stock images or apply your credits to new ones you find within Post’s search.

300,000+ Additional Free Images

Unsplash Stock Photography in Adobe Spark
‘Tis the season of giving! For those of you who love the free photo search feature in Post, we’ve just added another 300,000+ gorgeous images, completely free to use in your Post projects! The more, the merrier, right?

Phew! Now that’s a long list. These new features are available in Spark Post, version 4.1 on the Apple App Store or on Tag your creations with #adobespark for a chance to be featured.

Happy Posting & Happy Holidays!