Types of social media aesthetics and how to brand for yourself

In the social media realm, how a brand or content creator approaches visual aesthetics can serve as the cornerstone of a personal or brand identity, and getting familiar with a range of popular social media aesthetics can help you craft a cohesive and intriguing online presence. Let’s dive into ten unique vibes to explore what makes up a social media aesthetic and how you can create your own (no design experience required!).

Breaking down social media aesthetics

Within the contextual environment of social media, the term “aesthetic” refers to the overall visual style and presentation of content on various social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Users will often adopt a specific aesthetic to create a cohesive and visually appealing online presence. While the ways a social media aesthetic can be crafted are many, they tend to be comprised of the components below.

Profile aesthetics

Users often curate their profiles to reflect a cohesive aesthetic. This includes the profile picture, cover photo, and bio.

Color palette

Users choose a specific color scheme to maintain consistency across their posts. This can involve using certain filters or sticking to a particular set of colors.

Photo composition

The way users compose their photos contributes to the overall aesthetic. This might include the use of symmetry, leading lines, or specific framing techniques.

Filter and editing styles

Filters and editing tools are employed to create a consistent look and feel. Different filters can evoke specific moods, such as “vintage,” “moody,” or “bright.”

Theme consistency

Users maintain a consistent theme or subject matter across their posts. This could involve focusing on specific topics, such as travel, fashion, or food.

Typography and font choices

The choice of fonts and typography in captions and overlays contributes to an account’s overall aesthetic. Some users may prefer clean and modern fonts, while others may opt for more decorative styles.

Hashtag usage

Users often create or follow specific hashtags associated with their aesthetic. This allows them to connect with like-minded individuals and communities.

Storytelling through captions

The way users write captions can enhance their intended aesthetic by telling a story or conveying a particular mood. This adds a layer of personality and a specific voice to the visual content.

Consistent branding

Influencers, businesses, and content creators often maintain a consistent visual identity across different platforms. This branding typically includes logos and watermarks to unify the aesthetic.

Users may incorporate popular trends or challenges into their content, adapting them to fit their overall style.

Personalized graphics and illustrations

Some users incorporate custom graphics or illustrations into their posts, adding a unique and personal touch to their aesthetic.

10 social media aesthetic examples

Regardless of your personal style or brand needs, Adobe Express has a wealth of templates to adapt to your profile. Browse through these aesthetic examples and get inspired for your own visual shift towards something more fitting for your personality and more attractive for your audience.

Cottagecore aesthetic

The ever-popular cottagecore aesthetic romanticizes rustic living touched by fantasy. It typically features nature-inspired elements, vintage styles, and cozy atmospheres.

Minimalist aesthetic

The minimalist aesthetic is characterized by clean and simple designs, featuring limited color palettes and clutter-free compositions.

Kawaii aesthetic

Originating from Japanese culture, the Kawaii aesthetic is characterized by pure, unadulterated cuteness. Think pastel colors, adorable characters, and whimsical imagery.

Pastel aesthetic

An overall pastel aesthetic —which can overlap with a Kawaii style — showcases soft and dreamy color palettes with an array of light hues, thereby creating a calming and whimsical feeling for the viewer.

Cyberpunk aesthetic

The cyberpunk aesthetic embraces a high-tech, dystopian future vibe, replete with neon lights, futuristic architecture, and bold visuals.

Wellness aesthetic

The wellness aesthetic capitalizes on the self-improvement trend by promoting a certain lifestyle, often featuring personal routines, meal prep, and general motivational content.

Artistic aesthetic

The artistic aesthetic celebrates creativity and personal expression, often incorporating handmade or DIY elements, with a focus on eclectic visuals.

Foodie aesthetic

The foodie aesthetic highlights culinary experiences, featuring visually appealing dishes, recipes, and any food-related content.

Sci-fi/fantasy aesthetic

This aesthetic explores science fiction or fantasy themes, depending on the profile. The wealth of inspiration for this aesthetic often includes futuristic or fantastical imagery, sometimes with a storytelling component.

Vintage aesthetic

The vintage aesthetic goes for a nostalgic look inspired by past eras, often using vintage filters and grainy textures, muted colors, and aged photo effects.

Cultivate your social media aesthetic with Adobe Express

While you’re here, check out a multitude of free Adobe Express templates and learn from insights on how to effectively brand yourself within each aesthetic framework. These templates will guide you to an aesthetic that rings true for your personality and interests, as well as unify the elements already present in your profile.