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Add a bit of artist Neval Doyle’s (aka glitch art to your Spark creations! Tap into his starting points below to add trendy, psychedelic style to everything from album art and posters to social posts. Be sure to tag when you share your Sparks!

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This collection is a part of the Spark Style Maker series, where Spark users get exclusive access to unique design ingredients and assets from emerging creatives and tastemakers. Remix their work into your own creation with Adobe Spark, the easiest way to create standout graphics, webpages, and videos!

About the Artist

Artist Nevan Doyle’s (aka on Instagram) psychedelic glitch aesthetic has been making a splash in pop culture lately. His light-bending color palettes are showing up on hit album covers and tour posters, while his drippy catch-phrase designs brought HBO’s hit show Euphoria to life on Instagram. Remix his premium templates to make them your own with Adobe Spark!