What does blue mean in design?

Why is blue such a popular brand color? Learn the various meanings of blue and what effect it can have on your designs.

As a designer, you need to know more about colors than just which ones go well together. Colors have many different meanings that you can use to reinforce the message of your design. Here we’ll explore the associations and meaning of blue — the most popular color in the world.

Calm your audience with blue.

There’s a good reason why most people say blue is their favorite color — it’s calming, soothing, and symbolizes the positive. Bright blues inspire ideas of loyalty, confidence, security, and reliable authority. Many companies and brands use these shades in their logos and messaging precisely because of these associations.

As the color of the sky and the sea, blue is also used to imply a connection to nature. The turquoise shades you might see in the waters of the Caribbean Sea not only calm people but can also energize them. Light sky blue can make people feel contemplative and serene.

Use blue with care.

You can have too much of a good thing, though. Blue is one of the cool colors, unlike red or orange, and a primarily blue design can seem cold and impersonal. It can also be associated with sadness or depression. Plus, very dark, deep blues remind many of storms and the night, which can make them uncomfortable.

Blue is generally a safe color choice for most designs. However, always think twice about how much and which shades of blue you use. Discover more tips on how to use color and more in your design projects.

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