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Add speech bubbles to your photos for free.

Create a dynamic collage of images, icons, and text by adding speech bubbles to your design.

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Choose one of our free templates to start with.

Browse through thousands of professionally designed templates to kickstart your creativity. Explore examples of comics, cartoons, infographics, and more to find the perfect foundation for your speech bubble design. Choose a template you like, remix it with your own personal touches, and publish your design in minutes.

Add your speech bubbles now

Design your own speech bubbles.

Customize your speech bubbles as little or as much as you’d like. Here are two easy ways to get started with adding speech bubbles to your designs.

Select icons to create speech bubbles.

Adobe Express has an extensive library of icons ready to use in your next design. Search for speech bubble and select the icon that best fits the aesthetic of your image. Adjust the size, color, and orientation. Drop-in text or Emojis to fill in the speech bubble.

Add your speech bubbles now

Use text shapes to create speech bubbles.

Another way to add a speech bubble is to add text and then click on Shape, where you’ll find an assortment of text shapes, including speech bubbles. This is a great option when your messaging is subject to change, as the speech bubble responds to your text. Adjust all the elements of the text and the bubble it sits inside of. You can even mask the text in the bubble for a real dynamic look.

Add your speech bubbles now

How to add speech bubbles to your images.

Upload images from your own device or use our Adobe Express stock libraries to find the perfect photo.
Get the word out by adding your speech bubble icons and messaging, personalizing the font, and adjusting the colors.
Instantly download your design to share online with your audience or to print out at home.

Do more with a premium template.

Get access to even more creative opportunities with a premium plan. That means more templates, more images, and more fonts to bring your project to life. Incorporate animation into your speech bubble design, then add collaborators to jump on board and provide feedback. Adobe Express premium options allow you to save time and create more.

Add your speech bubbles now

Customize your speech bubble online to make it your own.

Use speech bubble icons to emphasize a message or create a dialogue with your artwork. Customize the size, color, orientation, and placement of your speech bubbles to bring your artistic vision to life. Consider how speech bubbles can transform your next online design and drive a powerful message home.

Add your speech bubbles now