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A memo is a document dispersed within a group or organization for internal communications. Adobe Spark can help you build your memo in a traditional format you can then customize with photos and themes. With Adobe Spark it’s easy to design a memorandum form in minutes. Read on for tips to building your memo and getting creative with Adobe Spark.

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How to create an impressive memo.

Start with the details.
All memos start with the same key details: to, from, the date, and a subject. Generally, memos are flushed left, but with Adobe Spark Post you can arrange your information in any way you desire. Beyond that, add in a paragraph or two that begins with your important announcement and follows with any additional details. Remember, try to stick to short and sweet sentences, and add any contact info for follow-up questions at the bottom if necessary.
Customize your memo letter.
With Adobe Spark Post, you can customize your memo to fit the mood of the message. Explore different themes to find the perfect fit and adjust font styles and placement to optimize readability. For business memos, serif fonts feel professional and appropriate. If your brand has a specific branding style, chances are the pre-made themes have a typestyle to match the mood.
Add photos and videos.
Upload your own image or explore free stock photos courtesy of Adobe Spark.
Send and share your memos.
Share your memo via email, social media, or by copy-and-pasting the link.

Create your memo now

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Memos communicate important information to their recipients. Using Adobe Spark, you can build your own memo online, for free, without any prior design experience. Drop-in your details, then decorate with a header, footer, and additional photos. Let Adobe Spark help you create your memo in the best way possible.