The Ultimate Guide to Adobe at the ISTE 2020 Conference

Although we can’t be together in person this year, ISTE 2020 will be a powerful professional learning experience. The virtual environment provides opportunities for educators all around the globe in different time zones to connect, share, and learn with one another.

ISTE 2020 ConferenceAs a part of the ISTE 2020 experience, Adobe Creative Educator is teaming up with Flipgrid and ISTE to bring you a meaningful pre-conference event with educational thought leaders and exciting announcements. Join us on Saturday, November 21st at 11am ET to learn more about our ISTE Standards-aligned Adobe Creativity lessons in the Flipgrid Discovery Library and learn about certification opportunities for educators. Plus, we’ll be giving away some fun prizes for your classroom!

Following our pre-conference event, we encourage you to check out some of these must-see sessions at the ISTE 2020 Conference:

  1. Teach Boldly: Using Edtech for Social Good, Dr. Jennifer Williams, Monday, November 30, 11:45 am–12:30 pm PST. Today’s students are ready to design, dream, and make the future! Join us for this session customized for classrooms ready to activate positive change through innovative practices and meaningful use of technology. Let’s explore top tools and projects and create ready-to-go action plans to use edtech for social good!
  2. Creative Storytelling With Adobe Spark, Claudio Zavala, Monday, November 30, 1:15–2:45 pm PST. Use the power of Adobe Spark apps to create stunning and effective images, web pages and videos to communicate with students, staff and community. You will leave the session having created a web page that includes your own videos and graphics, all built with Adobe Spark apps.
  3. Adobe Photoshop in Motion for New Innovative Visual Projects, Linda Dickeson, Tuesday, December 1, 1:30–3:00 pm PST. Adobe Photoshop users at any experience level will learn how animated GIF projects promote creativity. Motion projects use planning, organizing and problem-solving skills to create engaging visual projects. Learn to do animated GIFs (including the incredible Puppet Warp feature) and create amazing cinemagraphs (living photos) that tell stories.
  4. Photoshopping Fakes for the Frugal Photographer, Matthew Mah, Tuesday, December 1, 11:30 am–12:20 pm PST. How do you help students spot fake photos? Show them how they can make their own! Provide students the skills and free technology they need to create convincing fake photos, and in the process demonstrate the power of images and trusting sources.
  5. Dream It … Do It … Create It!, Kristen Brooks &  Heather Marrs & Traci Piltz, Tuesday, December 1, 12:30–1:20 pm PST. Students in your classroom should not only be dreamers, but also doers! Learn how to use technology tools to help spark students’ curiosity, dream up and plan ideas, and create projects. Get hands-on experience with some of our favorite tools for student creation and expression!
  6. Enter a Secret Dimension — Creating AR Portals, Alexandra MacLaughlin &  Christina Zientek, Tuesday, December 1, 11:10 am–12:00 pm PST. Portals are doorways to another world–now your students can not only travel through them, but they can create their own! This workshop will give you the roadmap to designing, creating and executing one of the most engaging and coolest classroom activities you’ll ever see!
  7. Create Totally Wicked Awesome Videos With Adobe Rush!, Claudio Zavala, Wednesday, December 2, 4:15–5:45 pm PST. Power up your game with Adobe Rush! Rush is the answer for creating totally wicked awesome videos! Whether you’re a YouTuber or want to share your story, create professional-looking videos quickly and easily–all from your phone, tablet or computer. It’s going to change the way you tell stories!
  8. Design Your Own Apparel Using Adobe Spark Post, Sherri Kushner, Thursday, December 3, 1:00–1:50 pm PST. Have your students ever wanted to design their own custom logos or apparel for your class, after-school activity, sports team or to advocate for a cause? In this workshop, use Adobe Spark Post to design your own headband, shirt or mask using heat transfer vinyl.
  9. From Spark to Finish: Using Adobe Spark to Fuel Creativity in Students, Christine Monge, Saturday, December 5, 11:00 am–12:00 pm PST. Everyone is talking about Adobe Apps for Education, the perfect, free educational tool where students can create presentations, reports, posters, videos and more. Learn how to combine apps for dynamic book reports and unit projects your students will love.
  10. Sharing Your Stories on Social Media, Joe Merrill & Kristin Merrill, Saturday, December 5, 9:15–10:05 am PST. Teachers today are reaching out through social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter to connect with parents and families. Learn how to create content using applications like Adobe Spark Post, Apple Clips and Pic Collage to share your unique learning story with your school, parents and the surrounding educational community.
  11. 10 Quick Activities to Inject Creativity Into the Classroom With Adobe Spark, Dr. Monica Burns, Saturday, December 5, 9:00–9:45 am PST. As we shift from content consumption to content creation, students can make movies, publish websites and design graphics to celebrate learning experiences. This session introduces a free, BYOD-friendly Spark for Education tool so you can view examples and hear classroom stories!
  12. Creative Lessons From the Mouse HouseChristina Zientek, Saturday, December 5, 7:45–8:30 am PST. Bring theme-park magic into your classroom as we reveal the magical technology behind some of Disney’s most popular attractions. Learn how to use Adobe Character Animator to create talking ghosts, singing pumpkins and have real-time conversations with animated monsters!
  13. Welcome to Wonderful World of Wakelet, Dr. Ilene Winokur, Monday, November 30, 11:30 am–12:20 pm PST. Learn about curation as a 21st century skill and an umbrella for other critical skills while learning the basics of Wakelet. Collaborate on a collection to curate content using all features of Wakelet. Then share and reflect on how to use Wakelet in your classroom.

We look forward to seeing you at ISTE 2020! Be sure to share any insights from the conference on Twitter with #ISTE20 and #AdobeEdUCreative.